Anastacia suffers breast cancer for second time

Anastacia, music, United States, ChicagoBad news for the singer Anastacia and, of course, to the world of music in general to have to cancel her European tour for the album "It's a man world", public appearances and any other trip, to be diagnosed for the second time of cancer breast.

Bluntly, without measures inks, without writing a word more. The singer Anastasia, via her Facebook page account has published a bad and terrible news of a clear and straightforward form that she suffers breast cancer for second time.

The first time that she was diagnosed this disease and was successfully passed in 2003, with 34 years, in the United States full promotion of her album "Freak of Nature" and preparing her world tour. For six weeks underwent radiotherapy sessions. Having overcome this trauma, Anastasia created with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation a fund: Anastacia Fund to aid in the detection of breast cancer in women.

Anastacia, music, United States, Chicago
Something that she has not left is his willpower and desire to go forward. This was reflected in Facebook: "A born survivor, Anastacia has one goal and that is to make a full recovery with the support of her family, friends and everyone around her".

Despite her great positive energy, the sadness of Anastasia has been noted having a few words of apology to her fans: "I feel so awful to be letting down all my amazing fans who were looking forward to 'It's A Man's World Tour'. It just breaks my heart to disappoint them".

We do not think that fans of the singer are disappointed at not being able to see her on tour in countries like London, Paris, Berlin or Frankfurt, but rather they will be willing and that this nightmare will end soon and they can see her up soon in a scenario delighting them with a voice undisputed that has known her internationally in the world of music.

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