What artist should have a reality show or a own movie?

television, pictures, 2012, 2013Everybody, to a greater or lesser extent, we follow the lives of some of our favorite artists. Some are wildly incorrect both professionally and personally and others rather be better hidden in their houses being interviewed on a television, radio or in a concert.

How have suffered and laughed with the stories that have happened to artists during this past year 2012 and during early 2013. Some really to mourn, others not stop laughing at the nonsense they have done and still do today. All news to remain one way or another and at any price. Many of these stories could turn into a movie or a reality show for television.

Now coming the Oscars in Hollywood, you have the opportunity to tell what title of TV show or movie would be suitable for some cases really fanciful.

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The first contention is actress Lindsay Logan. With only 26 years almost every day we heard from her in 2012, but we will also have news throughout 2013. A failed TV series in which he has played Elizabeth Taylor, with the economic problems that the U.S. Treasury is forced to sell their belongings, end up being arrested for starring in a fight at a club in New York. Amazing anecdotes that give us a book quite thick and only talking about 2012.

Charlie Sheen, who after having had the odd anecdote quite outrageous and worthy of a Razzie Award seems that 2012 has been the year of change. It has been the transformation, according to the actor, to end "tired" of being a "drunkard, womanizer" now become a real adult. In regards to his new series "Anger Management" has quite successfully and records of audience share, becomes the debut of a cable television comedy One of this story.

Although the peak was during the Superbowl 2012, the battle between the pop diva, Lady Gaga, and the Queen of Pop, Madonna, has been consistent day after day. Both succeeding with their respective albums with excellent sales level. Both had tremendous success in all their concerts worldwide. Converted into guardian angels with the most needy worldwide. Comparing in every gesture, every dress and every song with their fans and detractors defend their diva with sweat and tears.

Madonna, Lady Gaga, musicWe could not forget about Justin Bieber who with his album "Believe" reached the top of the list of sales, concerts in which there have been occasional fainting and one of them or was about to be kidnapped and killed by a rapist, who is serving a sentence in a prison in Mexico, and his henchmen. His love affair with the Disney girl Selena Gomez has also been discussed with images of both pretty committed, certainly not for others, it has even finish fight between the singer and the odd paparazzi.

These artists have been the most important throughout 2012 and that have much to talk about. Each has its criteria and tell everyone who is missing and who spare.

Give your opinion and we can all make a list of these artists rather amusing that so many good times we play in our idle moments. What reality or what movie would be appropriate for everything that happened in their lives during this year 2012?


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