The music we expect in 2013 (I)

2013, New YearWe have entered the year 2013 and some are still in the hangover of the last night of the year and others are still celebrating what we hope will be a good year. As we also expect new releases from established artists in the music and if this year we will have some surprises on a musical level.

We'll have to start preparing the credit card or fill the pocket well and have good clean ears to listen or buy a small part of the new releases that are presented for this year 2013, which are not few, and concerts are yet to come.

Believe, music, Believe Acoustic, Justin BieberIt appears that the first of the artists who will bring new disc for sale is Justin Bieber, unless you leave some breaking news with an acoustic album of 8 songs from his new musical work still "Believe". Seeing the success he has had in 2012, having heard a preview of the songs and knowing the reaction of his beliebers; wanted to give them a new year gift in the form of acoustic to continue enjoying it a little more, of the Canadian music .

Another group expected to launch to market their new album earlier this year is Bon Jovi. For we do not have to wait too long, and we can hear a preview of his new job from January 7 with the single "Because We Can". A title pretty optimistic and encouraging for the time we are living in today.

But we have no news of February, March presents snug in regards to reunions, several surprises and new releases.

2013, music, tour, Depeche Mode
Another expected returns, perhaps, Depeche Mode are on sale that will draw a new album, the thirteenth of his career, and that in the mouth of Martin Gore, keyboardist of the group, this album will have a similar energy to that of "Violator" and "Songs of Faith and Devotion" so we go backwards in time and listen to music of the 90s as both were published in the first half of the 90s. They have also announced they will begin a tour across Europe starting May 7.

Another release a new album and that which has been working on since September 2012 is Selena Gomez. Disney girl or girlfriend of Justin Bieber, everyone here knows her that whatever, is very immersed in this fourth musical work but has also been quite busy with her role as an actress in which she has participated in several films. It is rumored that the disk can be in Spanish. Inside the album will include the song "Who Says" was already recorded in Spanish with the intention of including the single on the new album.

This is not all as there is still a second part where talk of other releases and concerts are planned for the 2013 but if we write it all here besides taking long and weighed more than some readers might end up falling asleep especially after the hangover from earlier this year. We will leave the matter in suspense.

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