"Shakira is a threat: she affects audiences around the world"

Shakira, Colombia, musicUnderestimate someone other artist in the world of entertainment is very normal but those words have to repent is something unusual. That's what happened to singer Blake Shelton on a comment that said that Shakira and had to eat it with potatoes and sauce with quite proud.

The surrogate Christina Aguilera on "The Voice" on U.S. network NBC is giving a lot to talk even before the new season starts in the month of March on this year. We refer to the singer Shakira as many know that will become the "coach" program of musical talent with the rest of the jury with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and the incorporation of Usher.

Shakira, Colombia, music, The Voice, television
But one of the jurors, country singer Blake Shelton seems to not know the "new girl", preferring to talk about her without any knowledge of who she is, singing and has influence in the world , if only locally. Nothing. He preferred getting into the quicksand and sink to the waist with your comment, underestimating the Colombian singer or as he said he could do "this girl foot two".

Shelton began searching for Google who is Shakira, something he could have done before you speak, and after staying with my mouth open watching the musical career of the singer told the Wetpaint Entertainment website: "I had heard of but it was Shakira one day, where I searched on Google and Wikipedia and saw that it had sold hundreds of millions of records. floored me. I think it was at that time, in which even Adam said: 'Oh my God'. we underestimated this person. this person influences the public, and does so worldwide".

Blake Shelton, The Voice, television, country, musicCountry singer unfamiliar beyond Oklahoma, not what we say but he himself says so, eventually he underestimated the Colombian saying is: "composer, a singer, is beautiful, is a producer, is intelligent. It's all those things at once. And I acted up with her". We believe that the footballer, Gerard Pique, and couple of the singer say the same of her.

As it could be expected otherwise Shakira, from Spain where she is resting and waiting to give birth to her first child, has taken the comment with good humor. We imagine that when you start the program will take more than once to have very firm grip to Blake Shelton and Adam Levine who see Colombian singer one team to beat in "The Voice".

You have to put the riding boots and hat placed well Shakira comes with all his musical weapons to go a long way in the program.

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