Record "Toy Story" with actual figures and is a hit in Youtube

Disney, Pixar, cartoons, animation, Toy Story, Buzz Ligthyear, Buddy
It is said that truth is stranger than fiction and this time has been. Two young American filmmakers have taken two years to recreate the classic frame by frame animation of "Toy Story" and the result has been a complete success on the Internet in less than 24 hours.

When someone likes a movie and ends up being the best of their life or the best of their childhood, it becomes like a trophy which do not want to undo ever. You get older and that gift of childhood ends up being a memory, something that you don't want to forget and want to have for life but end up going to college and end up being an adult. Does it sound to something?.

If you have followed good tracks ever written you have been able to guess that we are talking about the animated Disney Pixar "Toy Story". And it is this cartoon movie has become reality. The characters are not real people but appears a few others but with actual figures, the figures of the film.

Disney, Pixar, cartoons, animation, Toy Story, Buzz Ligthyear, Buddy
All this story began in June 2010 when two friends Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta were 17 and 18 years were willing to do a tribute to their childhood movie recording short videos with pictures of the movie and a real character. After uploading them to Youtube site decided it was time to move to something bigger, recreating the same way throughout the film. 

Said and done. Both worked for two years to copy layer by layer, little joke with the work involved, the different scenes of the movie and then add the audio from the original film.

To break from both friends all this hard work ended last summer. To find out if all this work was worthy of becoming a success with little cost to make the budget animated film, Pauley and decided to release his film Perrotta on August 11 at a school in Colorado.

If you are thinking about what they will think from Pixar, the authors of the film claim to have the authorization of the producer for his film work. To confirm the fact, distributed copies of the front door of the Pixar studios.

Just 24 hours ago that the film has been uploaded to Youtube for use and enjoyment of the same coming to get almost 2 million hits in just one day. We believe that a video of Justin Bieber hanging from the antenna of the Empire State singing a song from his worst enemy would not get this much in so little time viewings.

A success that has nothing to envy to that developed by Pixar. View and comment. Authentic geniuses and patience.


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