Leonardo DiCaprio will take "a long, long break"

Leonardo DiCaprio, Django unchained, 2013, cinema, film, HollywoodEveryone has the right to a break and a well deserved holiday. The same applies to all the artists after a tiring work suits them disappear for a while. Leonardo DiCaprio has not thought twice and decided to take a "long" and pleasant holiday.

During an interview with the German newspaper Bild, Leonardo DiCaprio has had for its audience leaving the theater for a "long, long break" and get away from the lights and cameras of Hollywood. And is that the actor is tired. Especially after shooting his latest film "Django unchained" by the hand of director Quentin Tarantino.

At 38 years, not being a person of advanced age, DiCaprio has decided to make rune film career break after filming three movies in two years. It may seem little but if any artist would say certainly speak tiring. There is a physical and mental wear. A script is not learned in two days and many hours of interpretive work shaping itself in just a little over an hour and a half movie. 

Leonardo DiCaprio, Django unchained, 2013, cinema, film, Hollywood
So of course he said in the interview: "I'm gonna catch me a long, long rest.'ve Done three films in two years and I'm just tired". All this builds up to the role in "Django unchained" a cruel and violent villain who has given occasional headache confessing that this role has been difficult to interpret.

But Leonardo DiCaprio is not going to spend all this time to the contemplative life, no. The Californian actor is already filling his schedule to make room not free, though, calmly, all very calmly. He wants to devote himself to his family and hobbies, as it ensures that in his spare time he enjoys scuba diving, watching basketball and football.

Also, he has in mind to continue his fight for the environment. And is that like other artists in the world of cinema and song, DiCaprio wants to "improve the world a little. Different parts of the world go about in order to do something for the environment". Recall that one of the movies he starred, "The Beach", there was some problems with a number of transplanted palms of place and landscape remodeling with heavy machinery.

Although DiCaprio before taking your deserved rest, is pending the release of two films: the remake of "The Great Gatsby" for May and "The Wolf of Wall Street" directed by New York filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

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