Goodbye 2012. Happy New Year 2013!

2012, 2013, new yearAlthough we have days reviewing what we have experienced during this 2012 that is about to end, there are still a few hours to once again look back and see everything that has happened in regards to entertainment.

Surely these past few days you have wondered what was the song of the year, the singer or group of the year and the film that most successful in 2012. Maybe not. You will have recalled the scariest moment you passed on the film and with whom you have wept over even after you have said "if I have not cried at all ...". You will have cried at a concert and had you been true warriors in a pitched battle style "Braveheart".

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The year started like most years. Shouting and especially with good music in almost every country in the world. Some held more and others less celebrated but in all there was a party, big parties in which he danced late into the morning of Jan. 1. Some even continued to celebrate it during the first day of the year.

Artists known worldwide we have welcomed Christmas with a smile from ear to ear, being careful that no one saw him tuck operations that had been made for the occasion. Other, no need to make anything, prefer natural. Cup in hand, looking at camera and wishing a happy new year. They are the same artists who then have seen in big screen cinema, television, at some stage in the world. Even the people who will be found walking down the street, drink, shopping at some of the car accident that has emerged unscathed, leaving a film with or without a partner, with their spouse or partner of another. 

clapperboard, film, filmingMany have messed with their comments, some have not yet taken the leg where have gotten. Others have been very supportive of those who need the help of all. They have united in difficult times for the people of the different reasons that plague this planet Earth in both being damaged by all and that one time or another takes their anger and evil passes part of the population that lives there. 

The music has also had incredible moments in broadcast sporting events for everyone. We recall the Superbowl where Madonna was crowned "Goddess of Pop" and was the odd finger that could not be censored and crazy leading makers of the television. Had a London Olympics took place where everything about English culture and in which even the Queen of England was a dance in front of all present, was not exaggerating just a dance, after jumping from a helicopter James Bond himself.

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It has achieved "the impossible" in the world of film and we danced like real horses while the South Korean Psy taunted the posh district of Gangnam getting his video on YouTube has been viewed more than 1,000 million times. Something that neither Justin Bieber can imagine in your sweet dreams but who has managed to take the title of being one of the most influential artists of the year 2012. Without neglecting to Lady Gaga also to teach her dresses and extravagant performances at concerts, she has made headlines for the great help you are offering to children and adolescents in the United States in their struggle for freedom from discrimination by their personality or thinking.  

We celebrated half a century of cinema less secret agent but he is endeavoring to say it's secret agent 007 James Bond. We also celebrated the 50 years of their Satanic Majesties on stage that although the years are still moving almost like the first day.

station, radio, microphoneWe have seen the birth of new stars in the entertainment world and we have mourned the death of so many, some because of their age and others who have gone too soon leaving us amazed at the great majority of mortals. We have also seen the birth of a radio station and a television but have lived because of the crisis or mismanagement of their directors, the disappearance of so many television channels and radio stations that have made street hundreds of top professionals.

But we ended the year. And always somehow just funny, always forgetting the bad and remembering all the good that we have lived. Sure you are all going to end the year with a farm. No, we're not crazy, sure we have all the singing and dancing chick song. Each in his language, each in their own way, each anywhere, but we've all been tempted to sing the song "The Little Chick Cheep". And so we will end. You dance it very well!

Happy End of  Year 2012 and Happy New Year 2013!

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