Gerard Depardieu would accept Brazilian passport

Gerard Depardieu, cinema. film, Obélix, France, RussiaGerard Depardieu, having starred in one of the many bizarre situations he has starred in his native France, continues in his efforts to make collection of nationalities and passports in the world. Now it is the turn to Brazil.

The actor, formerly a French nationality, still wanting to be the star of the beginning of the year and every day there is news about him related to his attempt to seize all possible nationalities in the world.

A few days ago we saw him collecting the Russian passport of the hand of President Vladimir Putin, which delighted him down in an office and gave him the precious little book to keep traveling. Something impossible to do with someone who wants to Russian citizenship unless you have money and fame.

Gerard Depardieu, cinema. film, Obélix, France, Russia
Before that Depardieu was offered in Moscow to the Ministry of Culture as a reward for his new nationality, the actor returned his French passport and Social Security card after the President of France, François Hollande, decided to raise taxes 75% of wealthy citizens. Of course the actor did not do any fun and decided to move away, Belgium, specifically less than a mile from the French border to view it better and to get a better tax regime in their home country.

As it appeared that Belgium did not like anything that has accepted Russian citizenship, as it intends to continue to reside in the Belgian country, government has decided to study in a different way his application for citizenship. Although from Belgium have said they have not received any dossier to the Belgian parliamentary commission responsible for examining applications for citizenship.

But Gerard Depardieu wants to become the XXI century Phileas Fogg although it is preparing a new adaptation of "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne, so he proposed to accept the passport of Brazil with the excuse that he likes the football and attended the Golden Ball Gala in Zurich (Switzerland): "Of course I accept, as I am a citizen of the world and one day if Brazil wants to give me a passport, obviously accept", according to statements to the online edition of the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo. If that were so, Depardieu could adapt the title to "Around the World in 80 passports".

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