Tom Cruise struck 50 kicks in the testicles to an actor

Tom Cruise, cinema, film, Hollywood, Jack ReacherTom Cruise is shooting his new action movie "Jack Reacher" where every day there is a new situation, funny and chilling. This time could join the three as the actor has had to give 50 kicks to the genitals to an actor for a scene.

Often actors must suffer greatly when shot a film. From having an accident by tripping while running behind the evil end of the film to the hospital due to a knock sustained during a fight or a chase fictitious.

Something similar happened to an actor from the movie "Jack Reacher" when it has suffered no collateral damage, kicking in the noble parts of the film actor, Tom Cruise. 

What seemed like a simple scene where Tom Cruise was only kicking another person and in which the length of the sequence could last a couple of seconds or so, this has become an ordeal for which he received such kick.

Tom Cruise, cinema, film, Hollywood, Jack Reacher
Cruise explains in the program Jimmy Fallon on NBC as the sequence has happened and what are its consequences: "There is a sequence in which I kick in the testicles of a kind. Was a human being, not hurt the no testicles during filming. decision had to repeat over and over again and even during the first 10 times I was in the mood, after 50, my foot was no longer responding. had to take my shoes end up because of the swollen was the foot".

We imagine that between the legs of the actor who received such a gift from Tom Cruise would have some protection for this person not to go home pretty sore. Indeed, as with animals acting in movies, the actor was not damaged.

But not everything that Tom Cruise explained during an interview on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" has been commenting all that happened during the filming of "Jack Reacher". Cruise has also gone and made it fun. 

Jimmy Fallon knew that in a melee with Tom Cruise would be the presenter who would lose. So Jimmy came up with the idea of dealing with Cruise in the game they usually do at the end of the interview with the guest, the Water War. Game is that each has a deck of cards, each up a card and have the highest score is the one who can pull a huge glass of water that has been lost. 

It's a great way to promote a new movie and, literally, wet well for it. Thus Tom Cruise strengthens its good image and good treatment that the actor always gives everyone both interviewers and its public.

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