They planned to castrate and kill Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, beliebers, Believe, musicThanks to the U.S. authorities have been able to thwart the possible kidnapping and murder of Justin Bieber. Although it sounds like a joke that was a pretty serious plot to castrate and kill the Canadian singer who, thankfully, has not been carried out.

Although it may be a script of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino have to be in a position to understand the serious situation that has passed the Canadian singer though he was not aware of what could have happened. 

According to reports in British newspaper The Sun and other media, Justin Bieber has been about to be a victim of abduction and murder by three people two of them have already been arrested by the U.S. police since the third person is in prison of Mexico serving a sentence.

Justin Bieber, beliebers, Believe, musicThe two arrested are Mark Staake and nephew Tanner Ruane who were hired by a third person, Dana Martin, a man of 45 who is serving, is not a little joke with the matter, 978 years in prison for raping and killing a girl 15 years in 2000, and that according to the New Mexico KRQE channel, the offender would be extremely obsessed with the Canadian singer. So much for leading obsession Justin Bieber tattooed on his right leg.

Martin had met
Staake in prison and had planned a bizarre plan: strangle a Canadian singer and then cutting off the testicles and sell for $ 2,500 (about 2,000 euros) each. To add insult to injury, the murderer had planned to strangle him with a bow stamped "paysley" hallmark of the murderer.

They planned to implement the plan during a concert of the singer at Madison Square Garden in New York. And the whole thing because the singer did not respond to numerous letters that the inmate has been sent. An authentic and wild madness. 

Eventually the issue has ended well and everyone has been arrested and reportedly, Dana Martin was himself who has confessed his plans to the police so they can arrest these people before they met this crazy event. 

Justin Bieber has been able to hold his concert at Madison Square Garden without the knowledge of anything that happened and has not said anything about it on his Twitter account. Only the team of Justin Bieber has released a brief statement in which they declared that "take great care to protect and ensure the safety of Justin and his fans".

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