Robert Pattinson gets an offer for an erotic film

Robert Pattinson has received an email from the most sensual, everyone wants to choose the meaning, offering quite succulent and perfect within the actor had in mind for his next appearance in "Twilight", make an erotic film.

They say if you make a wish many times can become a reality. That's what he has had to spend the actor starring in "Twilight" when to open his email he has been met with an offer sent by the millionaire founder of adult film franchise "Girls Gone Wild" Joe Francis.

Although the subject matter may seem a joke, it is not. E! News, has revealed the contents of the message that have Pattinson received, where Francis greatly appreciates the mention that the actor do on his franchise: "I was very flattered by your mention of 'Girls Gone Wild' and for your positive comments. Now we offer the opportunity to realize them. Beaches are full of wonderful girls during spring break, which would be perfect for our film shoot there. Your presence would be important not only to improve the quality of our deal, but would also make a great reward for fans of Twilight".

To Pattinson will have had to be wide-eyed to see the offer, $ 100,000 for three days of recording, and reading the arguments, quite reasonable, to realize the film project of Joe Francis. 

For if Pattinson had any regrets after three days in the sun and surrounded by "beautiful girls" playing the role that the actor both dreamed, Joe Francis also has a strong argument. The producer completes the mail saying that if the actor wanted could donate that money to a charity where the actor wanted. 

To convince him finish once and for all, if Robert has any doubt yet, the producer said in the email: "I think 'Girls Gone Wild' would be a good thing for Edward Cullen (his character in 'Twilight') . The girls are very pretty and outgoing, and help him lose a little shyness".

Robert Pattinson will have some time to think this proposal in which more than one actor would be drooling just reading the first few lines and that, surely, would have accepted before finishing the last sentence.

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