Rihanna donates $1.75 million to a hospital in Barbados

music, Rihanna, Diamonds, UnapologeticChristmas is coming and starts to bloom the good wishes and good deeds that should be done all year round but become visible especially in this time of holidays. Rihanna is the following charitable soul who has made a selfless act, donating $1.75 million to a hospital in Barbados.

Lately Barbadian singer Rihanna is best known for her pretty sexy pictures and videos uploaded on her Twitter account that her songs and concerts. Although it seems that the singer has decided to clean up her image a bit becoming the guardian angel to a local hospital in country where she was born.

Accompanied by her mother and grandfather, Rihanna visited Saturday Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown for offering that special gift to the radiotherapy department to purchase three medical devices and also to honor her grandmother died on June 30 in a battle against cancer.

music, Rihanna, Diamonds, Unapologetic
With such a substantial amount of money donated, the hospital has decided to change the name of the Central Department of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Clara Braithwaite, who was named after her grandmother. A very nice way to remember her grandmother every time that she comes to Barbados.

An excited Rihanna has expressed her feelings at the time of the donation: "This is my way of returning to Barbados, in the form of philanthropy, helping the Queen Elizabeth hospital in a modernization program. I hope that have a great impact on people Barbados". 

Surely yes it will. Every day not received a sum of money, without being any grant to modernize and enlarge part of a hospital. The singer has also said she expects the medical equipment is purchased with her donation serves "to save lives or at least to extend them". We hope that serves more to save them. 

Meanwhile Rihanna is traveling around the world with the launch of her new album "Unapologetic" and her first single "Diamonds" has been a lot of talk among music critics.


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