Pete Doherty suffers a bout of temporary amnesia

http://www.rankingfamosos.com/imagenes/famosos/20101222/pete-doherty-25.jpgPete Doherty has taken a shock to wake up one day and not remember where he was or who he was. It all happened when Doherty was in a train. Since then it has been worried that in the future, we don't see very far, something might happen.

A big scare has been the singer and actor Pete Doherty as he felt he could not remember who he was and what he was doing there, in a train, which has led to a level of concern that was not used to think and see that this situation is very serious.

Nor can we say that what happened was why Doherty is one of those artists who lead a sedentary life because as he explained at length The Guardian british newspaper: "The other day I had not slept in a week and came home [to Paris] with Eurostar. I fell asleep for an hour, and when I woke up and did not know who he was. I felt completely devastated and I began to mourn, he knew he had to. the attendant on the train asked me what happened and I told directly: 'Look, do not even know who I am or where I am. "He said,' You are Peter. 'And I could only say,' No, I'm not." And then, bang, everything went back to his place. grabbed my luggage and ran. was a horrible feeling and I imagine in a few years will be something that will last longer when it happens".

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/pete-doherty-pierde-temporalmente-la-memoria/2012_12_3_iY9TrCoUIYQRptRsjeZyc6.jpg?width=642&height=482&type=height&id=xQ1r7vDtuo2k52sEFq1JT2&time=1354543223&project=lainformacionOf course all this would not be possible if a very important drug consumption and to stay awake for a week but surprised that supports getting more "welfare" with a good rest that drug. 

Doherty, believing he is immortal and can regenerate his body like that of a cartoon character of science fiction, in one of his deep thoughts said: "You always think that the body will be repaired, there will be another opportunity. But and I'm 33 years and the body will not grooming himself.".

Perhaps we think that it is for that reason that Pete Doherty flees to London to confess some time that Amy Winehouse's ghost haunts him. You may have to do some drug use. Another question is if any rehab wants to and admit him that recently was removed from one of them.

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