Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Christmas
The tinkling of the bells of Santa's sleigh and begin to listen to the skies over half the world. Christmas is here. For someone it will be summer and winter for others. Some with snow in the mountains and others celebrating on the beach. But all with the same idea, we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas has arrived. It is that time again here that almost everyone expects to arrive, the time when many people gather with their families, returning home, singing carols, decorating the house with hundreds of Christmas decorations, greetings, laughter, food, food and more food.

Merry Christmas, Christmas, music, gift
In theaters begin arriving early cartoons with Christmas theme. Of course not all are in that category and there are movies with real people rather should be locked in a trunk and never come out. The scripts are the same, change some names, change the name of cities or villages, but they are always the two characters representing good and evil in this age: the good guy who wants to get Christmas everyone and the bad guy who wants to destroy Christmas and make the world is dark and gray.

We can not forget the hundreds of albums that are published at this time and even days before Christmas related. We invade collections of carols sung by famous artists who sing the same thing every year. Joining unimaginable pairs of artists to delight, if I may say so, of Christmas songs as magical moment which eventually become nightmares sing listening. We all have in mind a musical couple even though we try not to get forgotten. 

In earlier days are beginning to tell us on television that something "new" is coming and that we're going to get that watching television throughout Christmas. And get a goal, we end up not watching TV because they always end up doing the same and know by heart the movies that will give even the times in which they will be issued.

Merry Christmas, Christmas, cinema, film, Christmas treeDo not forget the special Christmas programs where we know who will be the artists who will return for Christmas and will enter our homes through the television screen. It's hard to forget a singer who does not take years doing the same program the day before or the day of Christmas and make us search desperately for the remote to change asap television. Although we will not find better.

Of course the main purpose of Christmas, besides being with the family, gifts. Those who ask Santa Claus and almost always ends up giving us something we have not asked. Yes, the music, film and different film formats can not miss. The friend of the red coat and white beard never wrong on these issues. No doubt that everything that is purchased has to be original, anything downloaded from internet. There is much work behind all these projects and we can not ruin something that entertains us throughout the year. Instead, we buy entertainment in the future they can continue to entertain.

So you know little pixies, learn the lesson and if you want to spend a Merry Christmas and make other people spend a good Christmas buy music, movies and going to the movies to see something that you like.



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