Matthew Perry and Rainn Wilson mock Angus T Johnson of "Two and a Half Men"

http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/image_content_width/hash/c5/53/c5536069b415a911e5b7a9509b3463a9.jpgActors Matthew Perry and Rainn Wilson wanted to give a funny twist to the controversy caused by one of the protagonists of the series "Two and a Half Men" hanging two separate videos on Youtube asking that anybody not see any television series.

After that has organized the actor Angus T. Johnson, Jake Harper, the "child" of "Two and a Half Men", saying that the series is crap, then angry to the absolute limits of those responsible for the NBC television studios and makers of the series, Warner Bros. After apologizing  wanting to reinterpret his own words, now comes the parodies. 

Of course, these are not parodies starring Angus but have been developed by two actors of comedy, Rainn Wilson of "The Office" and Matthew Perry of "Friends".

And is that both actors did not want to waste the time watching the situation that has gotten Angus T. Jonson and wanted to give a touch of sarcastic humor to the rude words that Jonson dedicated to all fans of the series and the television series in particular. This series in which Jonson earns $ 300,000 per episode, repeat if you do not read well, per episode! and which seems to be uncomfortable with the role of son who performed in the series that made ​​him famous because it contradicts what the Bible enacted. 

In the video starring Rainn Wilson, just says verbatim Jones with attitude affected from time to time by entering the time and the channel which airs the series. 

Moreover, Matthew Perry have read the Bible says and does certain observations beg before anyone see the series "Go on", Perry stars in the NBC. Similarly, the actor claims to have made ​​a similiar petition years ago for anyone to see "Studio 60" and that the petition worked. 

Although we learned that NBC is not going to fire the actor in the show "Two and a Half Men", Angus T. Johnson will do its duty and will end its contract with the series with a high probability of not continuing next season. Maybe your friend Charlie Sheen, who was also fired by his enormous love drinking and being drunk for days, have a place in the new series that he is starring.

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