Kesha released her second album, "Warrior"

http://m2.ttxm.co.uk/images/feeds/pa/news/2012/11/13/460x259/N0313461352806841397A.jpgKesha has released her second album entitled "Warrior" with which it wants to carve a niche in the music world with her irreverent and rebellious character as revealed in her musical debut.

After the attempted killing in Twitter a few times after releasing the first single from their second album entitled "Die Young", Kesha comes with all the artillery to release her second "Warrior" in which it will not leave indifferent anyone.

In a first listen of the new music work we can say that "Warrior" looks like what Kesha promised at the time, an album with influences of rock and roll from the 70s. It's not quite as well as it continues to trend dance but in the new musical work includes occasional rocker theme and three ballads.

And is that Kesha has wanted to do a new job thoroughly. Devoting herself fully to her new compositions with the help of collaborators from the likes of Will.I.Am, Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Cirkut, Bonnie McKee and Iggy Pop 

This was recorded in her first single, "Die Young", which soon became a success in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. This is a plea to the supreme pleasure as for society in which Kesha invites us to enjoy the night "as if we were to die young". 

"I am delighted and looking forward to sharing "Warrior" with all my 'animals' (fans). I've Worked a year on this new album and I have collaborated with some of my idols. The process has been long and intense and I look forward to sharing the new songs . I hope my followers may know my facets and vulnerable hardest Warrior".

Maybe it's the stress of excitement both for making a perfect album or perhaps nights out, as she brings out in "Die Young", or perhaps to give more publicity of her new job, Kesha performs a series of confessions somewhat strident but from what she usually does. 

In some of her confessions recently, Kesha claimed to have had sex with a ghost before writing her new single. She had a son but it was a new single. Similarly commented she would not mind maintaining relationships with Justin Bieber. We believe that the boy is quite young for her and still do not think his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is the work of wanting to make a sacrilege Kesha with her boyfriend. We do not know either what the beliebers say about the comment from the singer.

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