Jennifer Lopez the most cruel and selfish of all artists

Jennifer Lopez, cinema, film, music, HollywoodThe New Yorker Jennifer Lopez has just been proclaimed the cruelest of all artists working both in the music world and in the world of cinema. So they have to know members of the last movie where the actress and singer has participated. Apparently, her personality and character leaves much to be desired.

Becoming or believe a big music star or film can often be very positive and sometimes not. Even change the character of the artist transforming it into a kind of monster that fail to withstand even the flies that can fly at his side. 

This is the case of actress born in the Bronx (New York) Jennifer Lopez and most of the crew of the last film in which she has participated, "What to expect when you're expecting?". Since according to recent comments, Lopez has been a person "selfish and cruel" to them all. Although then in public be the opposite of what they said.

Jennifer Lopez, cinema, film, music, HollywoodNot the first time that post comments of so-called Bronx diva and her terrible relationship with employees surrounding wherever she is. Although these were already aware of her personality, colleagues who have worked with her did not think they could come to an almost unsustainable. 

According to a source quoted in the portal rumorfix.com: "Basically we were advised that we could not talk to Jennifer. Indeed, people in the hair and makeup department could not even get close to it because Jennifer brought their own stylists confidence "said" Their demands were that the daily routine was much harder and more complicated work. Jennifer Lopez is probably the most selfish and cruel celebrity I have ever worked with".

It is not the only such news as was published in the German newspaper Bild that she had ordered a hotel fire one of their employees for asking for an autograph. Jennifer Lopez just did not answer on her Twitter account which belied the news: "Please, I thought I knew better. Never would they fired someone for an autograph. The first time I heard something like that was just on Twitter" .

It must be that the vast majority of people do not know it better by the simple fact that she does not want to be a person familiar with those around them at that time for that she has made ​​rules rather seem to be a person having a communicable disease, with all due respect, that of an artist who should be more humble. Of course, when the money sounds everyone is friendly. And we say from experience of other artists of various kinds.

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