Jean Reno could participate in the saga of "Torrente"

Jean Reno, Santiago Segura, cine, ChefJean Reno is about to premiere his new movie in Spain, "Comme un chef" (Chef), and how could it be otherwise, the actor has heaped praise on Spain and especially to a particular actor , Spanish actor Santiago Segura.

On Wednesday arrived in Spain a film in which Jean Reno has introduced the necessary ingredients to make it a successful film as he usually does. Under the direction of Daniel Cohen also participated actors Michaël Youn, Raphaëlle Agogué, Julien Boissellier, Salomé Stévenin, Pierre Vernier and Santiago Segura.

In "Comme un chef" Reno plays Alexandre Vauclair, the head chef of a restaurant with three Michelin stars that bypasses some very good moments both professionally and personally. Lack of creativity, his great reluctance to modernize the kitchen and left his wife makes his life begins to be a disaster until that appears a character that will change his life completely, the help of a fan of gastronomy that he out of his creative terrible crisis.

Jean Reno, cine, Chef
Maybe it was the participation of Spanish actor Santiago Segura in the film starring Jean Reno "Comme un chef" in which he plays a cartoon of spanish chef Ferran Adria, or perhaps because the Spanish origin of the actor French, Reno wanted to flaunt his good friendliness Spanish actor and Spain in particular. Something that makes him a pretty humble earthly character for the times certain music artists and film. 

His humility becomes so great that the actor has confessed he would not change Hollywood to continue shooting films in Europe and particularly in Spain. So does his agent know: "I always beg my agent to find me something here, because it is where my soul".

Both compliment has come to the conclusion that yes, Jean Reno was about to participate in one of the films in the series of "Torrente". Because of the busy schedules of both players failed to reach French actor participation. 

But that does not mean that there can be an occasional possibility. At the moment the French actor continues sweetness of Santiago Segura which believes it is "a boy with a lot of charisma" and, surprise, and throws the hook to pick you up Spanish actor and director for a possible role in a new movie "Torrente".


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