"Family Guy" will jump to the big screen

http://img.infoseriestv.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Padre-de-familia-Copiar.jpgThe Griffin family has decided to pack up and prepare to make the leap to the big screen in the same way they did their neighbors, in cartoons, The Simpsons. Its creator, Seth MacFarlane announced that it is preparing a film this irreverent family.

The news today has jumped to the mouth of its creator, Seth MacFarlane in a conference with students from UCLA, when he revealed that the animated series "Family Guy" is scheduled to appear on the big screen. 

"We know what the movie Family Guy". So clear MacFarlane has said so all that remains is to get down to work and keyboard to make the film they have designed.

After hearing the news, everyone has made the comparison with the other family film irreverent of television, The Simpsons. In The Wrap, MacFarlane believes that the great difficulty of combining film and television is so "The Simpsons took them 20 seasons to figure it out". It appears that he or his team of creators has cost them a few seasons less to reach that conclusion. 

But Seth MacFarlane is going to be a little difficult to carry out the project with the Griffin family since the Universal film studios want to put it in another project at hand. One of these is a new movie projects Ted, the teddy bear has polished box office records, and that MacFarlane is the writer and director of the hit comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. 

The project of "Family Guy" is all a secret because MacFarlane has not meant a word of what the project and the relocation of the television series to film. The only thing that we can count the creator of the cartoon is that it will be impossible to do on television. Not that this is a great reflection detailing the film project but it's something.

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