Eddie Murphy, a ruin to Hollywood

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/eddie-murphy-es-el-actor-mas-sobrevalorado-de-hollywood/2012_12_5_MyRLOjCI2sgMgSkNMcuAY4.jpg?width=642&height=482&type=height&id=vhf6swgyXvPBWO5ytZmVz1&time=1354708866&project=lainformacionEddie Murphy is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood but also is considered the worst credit has given Tinseltown at the dire and expensive films released during 2012.

Forbes magazine has published, as every year, who is considered the worst actor and worst actress of the year. One of the lists that no artist wants to be but unfortunately someone has to do the honors for being among the worst in the first or the last of the best. Everyone who wants to see it as better. 

He was an idol of the masses during the 80s and a money maker for Hollywood film studios but from a few years ago is no longer the "golden boy" that everyone expects to hire to make a good movie and which also comes profitable.

His two latest films: "Tower Heist" and "More than a thousand words" have not obtained the expected results at the box office. With these two films earned $ 2.30 studies for every dollar paid to the actor. A bad business up to go to dinner with him.

But despite being one of the worst performers of the year 2012, to Eddie Murphy continues raining film and television projects. 

Recently, the New York actor has said that is in the process to make a television series based on the hit movie of the 80's "Beverly Hills Cop". Eddie was a great success with his character, Detective Axel Foley, in which mixed action and comedy.

As confirmed by the actor: "What I do now with 'Beverly Hills Cop' is producing a series that has the protagonist's son Axel Foley, while Axel was now the chief of police in Detroit. I would shoot the pilot episode and see what the reactions". Although the role should be to the son of the detective, who believe that Murphy will continue to be the protagonist of the series.

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