Alejandro Sanz fails in Twitter on the Spanish April's Fools' Day

Alejandro Sanz, music, pop music, SpainAlejandro Sanz has not been able to deceive the general public and his fans in particular on his Twitter account to post a joke on the Spanish April's Fools' Day. He himself wished to deny a joke that nobody has believed.

There have been many in this day of Spanish April's Fools' Day tried a prank on someone known. Some media outlets have posted some news that may or may not be credible. Artists from the world of film and music have also wanted to join this game also trying to "catch" some innocent. Some have had success with the joke and others have achieved a great failure.

This is the case of the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz who in all good faith and wanting to spend a good April Fool's Day has posted a message on his Twitter account.

Alejandro Sanz, music, pop music, Spain
The singer posted the following message wait to see the reaction of his fans to read the news: "Today I have decided to retire from music. Was nice while it lasted. Thanks for everything. Farewell". After waiting three hours had to be Sanz himself who has surprised you have not received any message referring to his withdrawal from the world of music.

Seeing the little success of his joke, unlike his music, Alejandro Sanz has put an end, this time, to his attempted joke with a good sense of humor: "Well, nobody has believed? :) well ... Happy April Fool's Day. ;) I spoiled the joke".

With good heart and with all his love, Alejandro Sanz congratulated everybody for this day: "A big hug to everyone who has an innocent heart ...".

Sorry Alejandro , maybe next time. Hopefully next year you can elaborate the joke more early, and be among the artists who have been able to deceive both the media and their own fans. We encourage you to follow the example of Justin Bieber or footballer Gerard Pique has revealed that the birth of his son with singer Shakira via his Twitter account and any other media that has given true.


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