The sequel of "Top Gun" practically canceled

http://www.abc.es/Media/201109/13/top-gun--644x362.jpgThe tragic death of film director Tony Scott on August 19 of this year rocked the idea that a sequel would be filmed for the movie "Top Gun" after he agreed to do it. Today the cancellation of the project is closer than ever.

Everything was planned. The idea of ​​a sequel to "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise, with its 50 just turned, as the protagonist was going to give the feeling that the film could end up being a success at the box office. Actors, director, screenplay, production and all planned to start shooting, to the great misfortune happened, the death of Tony Scott. 

For a few days it was thought that the film was to be shot, everything was going to be parked and locked in a drawer in the desk that must have many film producer in his office, but after that time, were surprised that Tom Cruise working on the sequel. All implied that the film was going ahead despite the creator of  "Top Gun" was not going to be present.

For those who had the illusion of seeing flying back to see Tom Cruise in a plane playing "Maverick", the New York Times melts into air every dream to fulfill.

http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2012/11/07/arts/07TOPGUN/07TOPGUN-articleLarge.jpgThe newspaper confirms that has talked to people close to the production of the sequel, which categorically say that the project "has collapsed" after the director's death. 

To all this we must add that Tom Cruise has shelved the project and was more interested in the upcoming releases that are pending as "Jack Reacher" and prepare for a fifth edition of the series "Mission Impossible". 

Such are the complications that had the film until its cancellation that Paramount is having even more difficulties in choosing a date for the re-release of the 3D conversion of the first "Top Gun" to not be disrespectful to Tony Scott in which their efforts had wanted to upgrade to new technologies.

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