Salma Hayek: "I was rejected to be Mexican in Hollywood"

http://www.rankingfamosos.com/imagenes/famosos/20110218/salma-hayek-86.jpgActress Salma Hayek has confided in an interview with British newspaper The Sun recalling her early, though not very good, as an actress in Tinseltown, Hollywood, to leave her beautiful and beloved Mexico.

Salma Hayek has stripped body and soul, do not think badly because she was very well dressed, recognizing that her beginnings in the world of film in Hollywood were very hard for her lack of acting experience and little knowledge of English. 

If those two important points we add the various prejudices that existed on the Latino community in the world of entertainment, we have the perfect cocktail to end up being an actress "marginalized" in the productions of Hollywood studios. 

As Salma said: "I landed in Los Angeles with 25 years almost no English. What little I had learned in school I had almost forgotten. Had no driver's license, or agent, or knew absolutely nothing about how business was done here . I did not know how he could get his head in this industry. I had always been a girl insecure, depressed acne and worried about my tendency to gain weight, so it did not help that there was still rejection toward Latinos. Someone once told me my accent remind the public to their Mexican maids".

But despite being a girl insecure, Hayek made ​​the most of the opportunity offered her by the American filmmaker Robert Rodriguez when she was hired for the film "Desperado", and ended up being the delight of the public and critics with her femme fatale role. 

Although the famous film actress overflowing sensuality everywhere, Salma Hayek now acknowledges that the bed scenes with Antonio Banderas who starred did "mourn". And not because the actor was not good looking at the time, no, but Salma could only think of her parents and what they would say her. Luckily it was a very good review by her parents. 

But over the years she has become a strong, confident and safe to work in big Hollywood productions. All this thanks to two great women in her life: "I have had the great fortune of having strong women around me. My mother has always been one of the pillars of my life, and from small encouraged me to dream big . (...) My grandmother was also someone exceptional, a poet and songwriter who also was interested in chemistry. She was forced to marry someone who did not want to, and ended up leaving her husband and moving to the big city".

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