Lady Gaga donates one million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Sandy

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/lady-gaga-donara-un-millon-de-dolares-para-victimas-de-sandy-en-nueva-york/2012_11_8_z8B9P2ZzzmiHLzERoHXYM4.jpg?width=479&height=359&type=height&id=VbsMLrX2RkidkACkadgEg6&time=1352360164&project=lainformacionLady Gaga again proves that not only can sing and do all her fans crazy wherever she performs a concert, but also promises to help the person who needs it. Mother Monster has been placed at the foot of New York to give a hearty support.

Her eccentricity mixed with her philanthropy, is that Lady Gaga is unique in every way. As soon as we see her wearing a dress made of meat only see it by encouraging and supporting young victims of bullying in U.S. schools. 

This time her goodwill has led to the very bowels of the city that has been born and grow in every way, in humans and in the musical, New York. 

Of what happened on the East Coast of the United States by the devastation caused by Hurricane occurred Sandy, people have completely overturned everything helping people who have lost everything, U.S. artists also wanted be present organizing a concert to raise money for hurricane victims.

Lady Gaga, joining the solidarity of all, has decided to donate one million dollars to the Red Cross for the victims in New York.

Lady Gaga herself on the website, said: "If it were not for New York's Lower East Side, Harlem, the Bronx or Brooklyn, or women would not be the artist I am today. New York is the ruthless ambition, a place where there is a diversity of natural search".

By extending her donation on her behalf and that of her family, Lady Gaga continues, "Please accept this gift in my name, that of my parents Joe and Cynthia and my sister's Natali, with our deep thank New York for hosting us. Thanks for helping me build my spirit, I will help you rebuild now yours". 

A gift that will be well received by the Red Cross and the victims because in the words of its president Gail McGovern, "This is one of the largest relief efforts of the Red Cross for the past five years". 

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