Justin Bieber wants to be a big movie star

http://www.ahlanlive.com/incoming/article206311.ece/ALTERNATES/gh2l/Justin+BieberJustin Bieber wants to expand horizons. Besides being a singer with numerous hits and mass youth idol, Justin wants to become an actor, not any actor but a great movie star.

Make a documentary of his first world tour which aired in theaters worldwide and having a successful amazement. Perform dozens of video clips that have been successful on television around the world. Starring a mount for his fans to believe that he had stolen a laptop with intimate photos of the singer in order to present a new video in collaboration with Nicki Minaj.

And not the whole thing because Justin Bieber got his first experience as an actor when he made a cameo in one of the episodes of the series CSI which surprised critics by his drama skills.

Moreover, as discussed at the time, Justin is preparing intensely for the role that he wants to get a good start on the big screen: a film whose main theme is about the basketball world and prepares the actor Mark Wahlberg.

The young Canadian is not yet clear where he will go his film career: "I have already had several offers for when I finish my world tour. Actually, that is something that excites me, I always wanted to be an actor and would love to start doing comedies and action scenes.'m still not sure where I would direct my film career, but I know I'm very good at making people laugh".

But Justin wants to keep aiming high on the music and not just want to rub shoulders with newcomers to the world of music but also with large star of all time: "I love to sing with Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones".

Of course, no one is thrown to the streets shouting like mad because fans can rest assured that Justin Bieber did not put aside his musical career: "I will not stop making music".

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