Johnny Depp wants to Keith Richards in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

U.S. actor Johnny Depp wants to follow Captain Jack Sparrow leading to fantastic worlds and unsuspected, imitating, for the fifth time, the "master" of his character, the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. So he wants to have his hand again to film "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Johnny Depp is preparing the fifth film in the series "Pirates of the Caribbean", preparing to once again play his most beloved character, Captain Jack Sparrow. And to further make the character inspired by the best, there is nothing better to ask again the collaboration of his mentor interpretive, guitarist Keith Richards.

Depp does not want to Richards as divine inspiration for his character but again wants his side acting as a father for the third time of Captain Sparrow.

Keith Richards appears to have accepted the offer of the actor as to the member of the British band, his foray into the big screen has helped many people to know before for his role as Captain Teague that as one of the best guitarists of all times. Although both facets his level of interpretation is maximum.

On this point Richards said jokingly in an interview with BBC Radio 6: "Some children who know nothing of the Rolling Stones have told me, 'You're the father of Johnny Depp! Captain Teague You!' I was destined for this role". On the conversation with the actor, the guitarist said: "I talked to Johnny a couple of weeks ago and said, 'Do you sign to another?'.'s All I can say, because I have more information, but the truth is that I have the suit yet". 

So the captains Sparrow and Teague, father and son in fiction, Johnny Depp and Keith Richards get back on the pirate ship and live a dangerous adventure sailing the seas. 

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