The Rolling Stones issued the unreleased single "Doom and Gloom"

The Rolling Stones have already started their engines for the arrival of their compilation album titled "GRRR" which will be released on November 12 and will include all of their greatest hits and songs in this 50-year history of their Satanic Majesties.
Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood are like children with new shoes waiting for arrives date, November 12, to celebrate their 50 years dedicated to music and to publish the compilation album that will honor this mythical band is doing so many generations enjoy.

But before all that, The Rolling Stones wanted to please their staunchest fans and have decided to publish a single unpublished which will include on the collection. The unreleased single has been very well received by critics in the British music that you can hear the rhythmic pattern of the 70 and the printing of the British rock band in each of the notes of the melody.

From today you can hear the new single, although it says it has a political background and has been influenced by current rates, "Doom and Gloom" which is the name the unreleased track from The Rolling Stones, is the essence always characterized by the voice of their leader Mick Jagger and a mix of their greatest hits in the rhythm of the song that will be very familiar to anyone who has a huge knowledge of the band's songs.

The single is available for download, yes, paying on the iTunes website and, as of today, fans of the group may make reservations to buy, later, their compilation "GRRR".

"Doom and Gloom" was recorded in Paris and produced by Don Was, with whom they have a close relationship with the already worked in their five previous albums: "Voodoo Lounge", "Stripped", "Bridges To Babylon" "Live Licks" and "A Bigger Bang".

This unreleased song has served finally to bring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood in a recording studio since 2005 when musicians come together to create their previous album, "A Bigger Bang".

While we wait that triple compilation with their 50 best songs of the musical career of The Rolling Stones, what better way to whet the appetite of "GRRR" listening to "Doom and Gloom".

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