Sofia Vergara suffers theft of private photos

Actress Sofia Vergara has suffered Scarlett Johansson syndrome to be a victim of theft of intimate photos of her mobile. Sofia fears that these pictures can be sold online. Are investigating any alleged of the thief .

It seems that it is becoming a habit theft of mobile intimate photos of the celebrities of Hollywood. This time the victim of that theft is one of the protagonists of the series "Modern Family" the Colombian actress Sofia Vergara.

According to information from The New York Times, the images in question correspond to everyday moments of personal life of the actress. The photographs were taken in the bathroom and in the bedroom, very common site for photographs, which have been taken from the phone with her boyfriend Nick Loeb.

The question asked the actress is, How could steal mobile photos of her boyfriend?. Of course all eyes have gone to him in this situation so committed.

Friends of the couple say that may have been because Loeb may have left the phone in a public place and a "long hand" might download the photos on another device.  

The news has not been so bad news, if it becomes why the alarm was raised when an anonymous internet tried to sell them as happened with the actress Scarlet Johansson.

For those who try to do something to get photos of the Colombian actress, give them a warning. In the photos, Sofia Vergara wearing out, so little will be achieved if someone tries to sell even a too intimate photo of the actress. Next time.

The actress is smoking hot by the ears. "Sofia is furious with what happened and do not understand how it happened".

From the time of the news, the actress's publicists have tried by all means to trace the pictures, but so far without success. Nevertheless, some sources close to the actress have said that the culprit will be caught soon.

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