One Direction perform in Spain on October 31

The British-Irish boy band One Direction, heads to Spain to promote their second new studio album titled "Take Me Home" and acting in a single concert in Madrid in what will be the first time these guys step on Spanish soil.
The hardcore fans of the group One Direction are in luck. Finally able to see their idols up close Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. The group's official website, in spanish, confirmed the visit to Madrid. So all those fans who want to see them up close will have to prepare well if you want to be on October 31 in the city very close to them and even get to touch them with a finger when they pass in front of them. Why sure it will be very difficult to get to be an inch of them.

Their followers may already be preparing the throats why One Direction is ready to sing all their hits from their previous album released in 2011 and titled "Up All Night" and, of course, give a preview of his new musical work "Take me home" and their latest single, "Live While We're Young", which in a few hours became number one in over 50 countries, including Spain, thanks to record levels in the presale.

The new album to be released on November 13th has secured success seeing the numbers that caused the single and imagine the long lines to be in record stores at the time of purchase. It is always interesting to have the album in physical format but must say that also will be available in different digital platforms, a tip for those who no longer have a place in your room to put more products from them in the walls and shelves.

So far not much is known about the plans of the guys in Madrid, although we do not believe that they become more than a day or two and that One Direction have concert in New York on December 3, and they must prepare for it.

A day earlier, in Madrid, will be held the first convention of One Direction fan where stalwarts in Spain may attend, though the group will not be present, but will be drawn a prize consisting of going to see One Direction in concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. For more information just have to enter the site and learn everything about this concentration, sure, more than one fan can stop an attack of nerves especially the day of the concert.

And to whet your appetite until the day of the concert, what better way to start learning the new single from the second album One Direction, especially for fans who have not yet learned the lyrics of the song by heart. It is time to study it.


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