"Love Me Do", the first single from The Beatles, turns 50

http://img.irtve.es/imagenes/the-beatles/1349444716466.jpgIt has been 50 years since four very young boys entered a recording studio in the city of Liverpool, stood before a microphone and recorded their "second" song titled "Love Me Do" which over time has become in one of the essential Beatles.

All artists have started in the music world say that the beginnings are never good, are hard and have to work hard to get to be on top. If this song speak, we would say the same thing as "Love Me Do" was not easy at the start, was a song that went largely unnoticed.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr went into a September 4, 1962 at EMI Studios, which at the beginning of the 60s was a simple office more than they had in the city with people with jackets and ties or dresses white, and not what today can be a recording studio. One member of the recording studio, he was warned that some young people were coming and with disheveled hair rare, poorly dressed. But, what a surprise, they found that four boys entered with shirt and tie and teased each other.

Each in his place to play your instrument and George Martin, the Beatles producer, delivering a song to the four artistes, of which he was very proud. "How Do You Do It" was authored by Mitch Murray, a successful songwriter at the time, was the song chosen to launch them to stardom and make them a big music stars.

After several recordings of the song the result leaves everyone satisfied the recording studio less than 4 people, The Beatles. None of them was satisfied with the song and none of them liked this song.

Meeting the four of Liverpool, John Lennon as a spokesman of them all, with his verbiage particular, stood up of the stool and tells the following to George Martin: "Look, George, forgive me for saying so, but this song seems an shit.". This simple phrase did change the course of the group's history. The Beatles had gone to the EMI recording studios band's own material and did not give him. 

Not knowing what to say, George Martin listens to John Lennon and decides, "Okay, show me what you have.". 

http://assets.rollingstone.com/assets/images/story/50-years-ago-today-the-beatles-released-their-debut-single-love-me-do-20121005/1000x600/20121003-beatles-1962-600-1349291937.jpgAnd as if it were a magician, John Lennon out of the hat of music a song that Paul McCartney and himself had made ​​in 1958 when they were just simple teen boys aged 15 and 16, the title "Love me do" .

This song has a story and there is no version of this composition played but three different versions with three different drummers. 

The first version was recorded on June 6, 1962 for hearing in the EMI studios with Pete Best on drums, but failed to be liked by George Martin and did not like the way the drums of Pete and decided that could be replaced by another named Richard Starkey or, as we have known all my life, Ringo Starr. Not all of the British band was very determined to change but accepted. 

On 4 September, made ​​a second recording of "Love Me Do" with Ringo Starr on drums and John Lennon taking the lead. Ringo had serious difficulties to keep up with the song and had to be recorded several times. As expected, all but one were satisfied, George Martin gave a suggestion to introduce a harmonica played by John Lennon on what would become Paul McCartney's lead vocal on. On 11 September he recorded the song this time Ringo Starr relegated to a back seat to putting in place Andy White. Ringo had to settle for playing the tambourine on the track.

On October 5, 1962 went on sale the first LP by The Beatles in the UK, "Please Please Me" and whose first single would be "Love Me Do". From that song sold 100,000 copies and reached number 17 in the charts. In the United States had to wait until April 27, 1964 in which, this time, went to number one on the charts. 

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first single from The Beatles, Liverpool City Council and the Beatles Story museum has proposed breaking a Guinness record in the first act of a weekend of celebrations that have dubbed Weekend Love Me Do, a thousand voices intone the song "Love me Do". Something hard when complicated to coordinate thousand different voices for one song but we believe this and take time rehearsing, so it is not a problem in this regard. 

Also The Cavern, underground bar in musical history began the British quartet, have scheduled a series of performances on Friday to commemorate the half century of  "Love Me Do".

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