Lady Gaga will have her own brand of bottled water

http://www.okmagazine.com/sites/okmagazine.com/files/imagecache/homepage_vertical_rotator_image/article_rotator_images/lady_gaga_oct18rt.jpgLady Gaga wants to expand her empire Gaga worldwide. Besides giving advice to everyone and protect the weak, to seize all her fans in her own social network created to keep everyone in touch, the singer has decided that we should all be very healthy. That is why her latest idea is to create her own brand of bottled water.

The New York singer Lady Gaga is squeezing the maximum merchandising theme with her own name as the end result of all this is water. Let no one think wrong, her products sell like hotcakes, success is increasing and profits produced by the mark Lady Gaga are even greater than the sales of her records. And that Mother Monster said that she could make more songs if not for the "stupid'' trade rules that apply in the world of pop. 

But now Lady Gaga wants us all in good health to be able to go to her concerts rather cheerful and happy faces, besides going well scented with her fragrance "Fame". 

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/lady-gaga-tendra-su-propia-marca-de-agua/2012_10_22_qwKN6D6xtBRehpsCDQQ8q6.jpg?width=642&height=482&type=height&id=dC6Z0tbG2TgrVPSImv9PW&time=1350903671&project=lainformacionAnd to keep us in good health, has decided to start with something as simple as water. Yes, Lady Gaga wants to make his own brand of bottled water. 

According to a source revealed to the New York Daily News newspaper: "Everyone in the operations center of Lady Gaga remains very secretive about it (...) There are plans afoot for marketing strategies. Know that water is launch in the near future, but no one has seen the bottle models. Water Gaga is something that has been talked about for months and now it looks like it is preparing a pitch to high level." . 

We do not know if this new idea of wanting to have their own brand of bottled water has been the alarming news about the problems of obesity that junk food is having on children and young Americans, putting their health at risk, or because she is experiencing in first hand the consequences of increasingly fat because, according to her, the restaurant that her parents, Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta, recently opened in the Big Apple and making every time Lady Gaga makes a visit to her parents "gain weight over two kilos every time I go.".

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