Lady Gaga suffers "Justin Bieber Syndrome" at concert in Barcelona

http://prensacorazon.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/lady_gaga_justin_bieber.jpgLady Gaga meets with the public in the city of Barcelona making excellent hang in a special concert in which there was no lack of anything between rhythm, dance, muscular dancers, flashing lights and colors, movements of the pop diva, but also Unfortunately there were occasional knew that Mother Monster solved without any problem.

Apparently it is fashion that when an artist or a celebrity makes any action, it ends up being something common among all the hardcore to the point that they end up imitating other artists also have more audience, more popular or simply nod and gesture of appreciation to the other artist.

A few days ago Justin Bieber suffered one of those unpleasant moments that few people would like to experience and if you are seeing thousands of people on stage, vomit.

The already known "Justin Bieber Syndrome" is spreading around the stage and this time it was the turn of Mother Monster Lady Gaga in an unfortunate moment of the concert that she gave in the city of Barcelona, not once but twice came up to vomit onstage except this time the New York singer had her back to the audience all present there. 

It was the time when the song "Edge of Glory" sounded on stage at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and her voice began to listen. Down the stairs of the stage accompanied by one of her muscular dancers when turned to the left and threw up very briefly. It would appear that no one had realized what had happened, Lady Gaga continued down the stairs to reach the upper platform of the stage and her body could not take it anymore. Again it was back to the audience when, this time, vomited again seeing her "vomit Monster" in full swing but the amount was not exaggerated. Eschatological scene, of course yes.

But she is Lady Gaga, she is the pop diva and mother of all the "little monsters" was not overcome by the bad time and continued as if nothing had happened. On the contrary, her movements on stage were even more violent than when she started.

At the end of concert, from her Twitter account, Lady Gaga wrote laughing at the situation: "Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan "Vomit" Lake."

If Justin Bieber might feel bad because milk was taken before the concert, Lady Gaga did not know she could feel bad but we know it's a diva of good eating, since as she said has grown fat with food from her father. Must be that being in Barcelona has come to eat more than usual, perhaps, by the Mediterranean cuisine. Something that her body is not feel very well at time to go out on stage and forced give her a hard time but that Lady Gaga hadn't to leave the stage lights at any time of the performance.

Again, if someone is sensitive stomach or do not like to see this kind of thing, we note, don't you see the video if you want to stick with a routine life.

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