Hollywood is interested in the doping scandal of Lance Armstrong

The case of doping the American cyclist Lance Armstrong has revolutionized the world of cycling and, above all, the world in general where the show of support and outrage against the Athlete is not long in coming. In the same way that Hollywood has not waited and plans to make a biopic about the scandal of the cyclist.
The Hollywood film studios did not want to waste time and have grabbed the bike to pedal toward a single goal: to make a biopic about the doping scandal of American cyclist Lance Armstrong.

It's not the first time that Hollywood tries to make a movie or a documentary of the rider but it is the first time that they are interested in another aspect of Armstrong's life, a dark side, and we do not mean the athlete will play the role of Dar Vather in another film about Star Wars.

The case is very serious in sporting and hitting very hard the cycling world and has proven to be a topic of conversation around the world without leaving anyone indifferent. A scandal of such proportions that television and the media in general and are bringing economic benefit of this. Of course, the world of cinema could not stay in the pack behind the success and also wants a piece of the pie of the benefits that can be obtained.

The website The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tinseltown is considering making a film of cyclist taking all his dirty laundry in the professional theme, of course, because it is more money in what is collected and what interests the public generally whatever the nature of the scandal to treat.  

http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2008/database/mattdamon/mattdamon300.jpgThey had several projects over the life of that at some time became the seven-time Tour de France champion, now stripped of all those titles. 

One such project is a documentary by the director and producer of documentary American, Alex Gibney, of which Sony had purchased the rights to the autobiography of Lance Armstrong, whose title was "It's not about the bike", and that in the year 2010 already sounded the name of the actor starring Matt Damon. 

Comes to light or not the biopic, Hollywood is already licking for the doping scandal Lance Armstrong remains topical issue for quite some time and so they can have all the information possible to realize their film project. Although, certainly, they may be based on a book by a former cyclist entitled "The Secret Race: Inside the hidden world of the Tour the France: Doping, cover-ups and winning at all costs".  

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