Enrique Iglesias fight against cancer at his concerts

http://api.ning.com/files/2LXpU6QnGZhAOU1BJ2ZGM1Ha18yWdNpYJijlKIFGVxr9-MNMo1rxJlbxB6jOLJv*4ynKE3usxvMIrl*Jf*QW1HS*PscbQoGg/2.jpgSpanish singer Enrique Iglesias, leveraging his worldwide fame, is associated with a charity to raise funds and public awareness of the importance of the disease during his world tour.

Being known or have fame, especially international fame, not always used to have the best table in the restaurant or to have the best suite in the best hotel in a major city, it also serves to make more fruitful actions, for good and for sensitize people to devote to taking care of yourself and raise money for a good cause.

This is the ongoing work of singer Enrique Iglesias in concert world tour where music joins the solidarity of the people who go to his concerts.

Enrique Iglesias has joined the organization "Love, Hope, Strength", to raise funds during his shows and encourage his followers and to all viewers in general to register the association to help in campaigns marrow donation as part of a campaign called "Get on the list" that seeks to find donors for program National marrow Registry.

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/enrique-iglesias-lucha-contra-el-cancer-en-sus-conciertos/2012_10_29_3Op1h6PQ3Lt4nsuCF8ILU.jpg?width=642&height=482&type=height&id=27R79upg3TlR3zrmuFJNz&time=1351512063&project=lainformacionIn an interview to CNN, Enrique says his visibility can serve to spread this message all over the world where it has scheduled a concert and has been very excited about this initiative.

The overview of his thought and what he observe from the stage is reflected in this comment during the interview: "When you step on stage and direct your gaze to the public, you realize that your fans are very diverse, ethnically and geographically , which is perfect for an information campaign that aims to get as far as possible. we want people to help with donations, registering and sensitizing others about all we can do to fight against cancer".

Enrique makes reflection of what he can get to build his reputation and social good that might do to all those people who really need it. And while the good boy is not a senior, because at 37 years is quite a young man, said: "I think you reach a certain age where you feel responsible. You can communicate with your fans, especially today via Twitter , Facebook, all those ways, and obviously the live shows, so every time I feel I can do something that is positive is a good thing".

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