Angelina Jolie might need a liver transplant

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/sites/default/files/2012/01/angelina_jolie_a_p.jpgThe Californian actress Angelina Jolie, could be suffering serious health problems as a result, according to In Touch magazine, that might have exacerbated the disease hepatitis C was diagnosed in 2007.

Turns out, oddly enough the Hollywood film stars are also human beings, living on earth and suffer misfortunes such as the actress Angelina Jolie passing through one of the worst moments of her life with the worsening of the disease hepatitis C.

Angelina was reportedly diagnosed in 2007 infectious disease that seriously affects your liver to the point that urgently need a transplant.

How serious should be the situation that is happening couple of Brad Pitt, Angelina although neither confirmed nor denied the news that both actors have had to delay their marriage to address the health problems of the protagonist of Tomb Raider.

Already in the time Angelina Jolie was in mid-September, as United Nations ambassador to different countries to see first-hand the refugee camps in the Syrian population fleeing the war, it was noticed that her face was not the usual and she was seen with large shiners, extremely pale skin and several kilos less.

The actress took was in Ankara, the Turkish capital, to visit an organ transplant surgeon, Dr. Yaman Tokat, with whom she had an intense conversation in which Angelina asked very concerned to know the reasons for her constant pain headache, weakness and lack of energy: "They was told me that I will die if don't a liver transplant. is it so bad?". A lapidary enough question to more than one worry about this situation.

If this were to occur transplant, the actress would have to change lifestyle since it would have to lead a quieter life and take on a daily basis, a number of drugs to lead a healthier life for her transplanted organ.

Although she tries to maintain a public image of serenity only commenting "I had a tough time, dark, and I survived" actress and the family in general it must be going very badly. Although certainly not lacked the support and love of her family, her friends and all her fans.

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