Almeria celebrates Western Film Festival 2012

http://www.almeriawestern.es/images/logotipo_AWFF.pngThe city of Almeria, Spain, celebrates the second edition of Almeria Western Film Festival in the desert of Tabernas. A festival which pays homage to westerns of all time and, also, that even today's films are shot all over the world and, though not enough, still have success on screen.

If anyone remembers what a western is that kind of movie in which men appear with a wide-brimmed hat, angry face, gun in hand around the waist with a belt full of bullets, almost knee boots spurs that jingle with every step you take, sheriffs who are not aware of anything bad and very bad cowboys.

Streets full of dirt and dust all day and that unexpectedly pass weed giant balls called Tumbleweeds, cowboy throughout the country. Where is the typical cantina (tavern) where cowboys drink relentlessly full of girls wanting to do well to spend big men and outlaws where a piano will not stop ringing to the point of becoming unbearable. Of course the fights and shots of pistols and rifles are a must.

All that put in a shaker film becomes the first European festival style of these films, the Almeria Western Film Festival two years ago that aims to celebrate and do not forget these films that have made so many good times happen in the movie and where such good actors have started and developed their film careers.

From 11 to 13 October, nine films from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Spain, the United States and New Zealand will compete in the Tabernas desert, the birthplace of some of the best Western movies from the sixties. Among the titles include the Spanish film "Orson West" by Fran Ruvira, the American film "Good Nigth for Justice: Queen of Hearts" starring and directed by television Luke Perry and Jason Priestley, tapes of New Zealand, Canada and France, and as a pair of South American productions such as the Brazilian "Black Powder" or the Chilean "Salt" starring Spanish actor Fele Martinez.

But not only will they programmed the competition of these nine films in this competition. The Festival will offer to the public screening of the classic "spaghetti western", including "A Fistful of Dollars", which was shot partly in Almería in 1964 and marked the rise to fame for the actor Clint Eastwood. There will also be lectures and symposia, performances of specialists in the town of "Fort Bravo", exhibition of posters and photographs, and live music.

The main attractions of the celebration of Almeria Western Film Festival 2012 are Fort Bravo studies, which will host all evening activities, and the Teatro Municipal de Tabernas where there will be projections of films in competition. And something to consider for those who want to visit alone or with the family all these activities, All, and repeat it clear, all these events will be completely free to complete appraisals. So we should not miss the weekend if you have nothing better to do.

For more information on the Almeria Western Film Festival 2012, please visit the Festival website where you can find all the films screened, schedules all activities this weekend and any other information related to the western festival.

A festival for all ages where there will be even one minute to get bored and go back to those years in which that they bit the dust very easily.

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