30th anniversary of "Everybody", first single of Madonna

Which was considered at the beginning of her career, as a black singer by the arrangements of "rhythm and blues" that were heard in her first single, is celebrating today as Madonna's first hit, "Everybody", turns 30 years.

Blonde Ambition, Queen of Pop, Empress of the scenarios, and many other titles. In these 30 years Madonna has managed to garner a reputation both good and bad to the millions of fans who follow her around the world wherever she is.

But before all that she had to start building a future that started in a recording studio, which was independent at the time, called Sire Studios where an October 6, 1982 was published the first single by a girl of 24 years with very fine voice and scandalous coming from Bay city, Michigan to the big city of New York to pursue his dream with great desire to conquer the world. And his first bite was delicious.

http://www.elheraldo.co/sites/default/files/imagecache/detalle_articulo/2012/10/06/story/84521-Madonna.jpg"Everybody", as it was called the first successful single and Madonna, lasting nearly six minutes, with arrangements of "rhythm and blues" and produced by DJ unpopular, was the first step of a ladder of uncontested triumphs , which still continues, and an unstoppable musical career in dominating the world of Pop and whose throne is difficult to make it out.

But this girl of squeaky voice nobody knew, nobody knew what it was or who she was, only the people who were working with her since the beginning. For the rhythm of the song, very common in the early 80s, why in the single cover there was no sign of her, not even a part of his body, and why the song began to be heard, especially in the African American radio stations, everyone thought that this girl was black. 

Until one day he revealed the secret and everyone saw who really was that girl, as the title of one of his hits. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was a girl with short hair and brown by then, her sharp voice enough sometimes unbearable, dancing in an iconic New York gay club called "Paradise Garage", which was open until 1987 at the No. 84 King Street.

A critic of Rolling Stone wrote of "Everybody": "At first it does not say much. Then warns one of its most characteristic features, a kind of hiccup girl that the singer used over and over again until it becomes a conviction irritating . the end, ends up hooking goofy and crave that trait of her voice."

The video cost $ 1500 in those days, when there were other singers who already spent a few million at the time of making and producing a video clip as was the case of Michael Jackson. Later, in the late 80s, Madonna performed the same video for "Express Yourself" which spent a whopping amount of $ 4 million.

This first single is even sold no more and no less than 500,000 copies and was introduced on the first album from the Queen of Pop "Madonna" along with other hits such as "Lucky Star", "Holiday" or "Border Line" . The New York DJ went crazy for being the first to sound this and other successes in the most famous nightclubs of the time.

Madonna has adapted to all times. So much so that before releasing a new album or a new single, has the support of those who in the beginning of his career blew their success in clubs, DJs. If the new songs are well received by the audience, Madonna does not have to do anything but publish and wait for success again knocking on your door.


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