Viggo Mortensen stars in "Everyone has a plan"

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR_P6FBXAvepQhJOneCligJuRaElQWKfziTDvZEYKzH68TAZ1zSo5Hs6H8MViggo Mortensen is in Spanish lands to present and promote his latest film "Everyone has a plan", the debut of director and writer Ana Piterbarg Argentina presented this weekend at the Toronto Film Festival. A marathon day that the friendliness that characterizes him has been interviewed by several media.

The American actor Viggo Mortensen, manages to make a dream come true and is released in the history of Argentine cinema to star in "Everyone has a plan", a coproduction hispanoargentina where, for the first time, plays a dual role, Pedro and Agustin twins, in a thriller of lies, pain and resentment which keeps tension throughout the plot.

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxYAeBv12vrweh6bD4RfA95x1j1IN5qcKJ4jQGN1YRdJmQlaL63zWtvJRiSQAnd he fulfills his desire to participate and put under the command of a director after having offered Argentina, for several years, and have seen some scripts which several characters have never been to your liking or, because of their tight schedule, could not participate. Up to this time that also coincides declare the good level of the films, directors and actors Argentine: "It was special to shoot in Argentina, because I grew up there and because I admire the training of actors and film tradition Argentine, always interesting things coming out of that country".

The film tells the story of Agustin (Viggo Mortensen), a man with a settled life, a pediatrician by profession he plans to adopt a child with his wife Claudia, but in the end it feels to be frustrated. Everything is complicated when he goes to visit his twin brother to Buenos Aires after years without seeing him and he dies. Augustine is about to start a new life by assuming the identity of his brother and returning to the mysterious Tigre Delta region, where both brothers lived throughout his childhood. However, shortly after his return, Agustin is involuntarily involved in the dangerous world of criminal that his brother had been part.

Mortensen is not the only part, by double character in the film. With him involved actors Soledad Villamil (Claudia), Daniel Fanego (Adrian), the young Sofia Gala (Rosa) and Spanish Javier Godino (Reuben).

The actor, who grew up in Argentine territory until age 11, has confessed that it was so different having to play two roles in the same film. Mortensen also said that "as an actor I am always doing other, lying best, putting someone else's clothes, voice, a different accent, and always a point of view different from mine.". Although "It was an interesting and fun challenge at first I was afraid to be unknown".

But the most important role of his life is that of father. "A role than all I've done in the movies".

During his stay in Spain, Viggo Mortensen has not only spoken and promoted the film which opens this Friday in Spain, but has been asked and discussed current issues, stories of his prowess as an actor and, of course, your subject favorite football which is passionate Real Madrid, supporter of San Lorenzo de Almagro and unconditional Messi confessed.

In reference to the VAT increase in Spanish culture, Mortensen
said, "Surely we will hurt you a bit to do film and theater, but I think people will interest always go to the movies and going to the theater.".

http://img.informador.com.mx/biblioteca/imagen/370x277/794/793619.jpgReferring to starring roles, Viggo Mortensen blends so often that his characters usually prepared well in advance. Thus, as explained on a spanish radio, cast as Aragorn in "The Lord of the Rings", replacing another actor, he asked permission to left back so you can train at home. For a couple of weeks could have it in their power, as if it were the ring, until from the movie studio told him to give it back after learning that police officers had seen on the street with the sword but without making any madness. The world may be crazy but he's not at the moment.

Those who want to start the weekend with intrigue, lies and tension you have to go to the cinema to see a great movie like "Everyone has a plan" by Ana Piterbarg.

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