Vatican slams harshly "Prometheus" by Ridley Scott

http://www.muycomputer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Prometheus2.jpgVatican returns to the fray, this time against another Hollywood film. This time the victim as ecclesiastical and divine place is "Prometheus", directed by Ridley Scott. It has done so through his newspaper in the Holy See, "L'Osservatore Romano". Another film more on the blacklist.

The fingers of the Vatican newspaper columnists, on behalf of senior officials of the Holy See Vatican have been put to work to write all that has come out of their mouths to criticize harshly, but this time in a more soft that when he did earlier films, against the new film from director Ridley Scott British film, "Prometheus".

"L'Osservatore Romano" states that, "in a new attempt to cook the secret of immortality, mishandled the sensitive issues raised by the eternal battle between good and evil.". And it appears that the Vatican does not like to cook some "food" by mixing the sweet with the bitter taste.

Following with its review "constructive", the Vatican said that "" Prometheus "symbolizes the search for the supernatural" and they warns Ridley Scott that "it is a bad idea to challenge the gods.".

The film, which premiered in Italy on September 14, is starring Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron and tells the adventures of a team of explorers who travel the universe in the spaceship Prometheus end of the 21st century, seeking to understand the origins of mankind on Earth after discovering a series of clues left by ancient civilizations, including contactless, interpreting it as an invitation to the precursors of humanity to visit a specific planetary system marked on the map.

The film has been a box office success worldwide in its opening. The public and, above all, the film critics have dubbed the prequel to "Alien, the eighth passenger" who performed the same director in 1979 and starred actress Sigourney Weaver. Ridley Scott has said that "Prometheus" does share certain DNA strands with "Alien" and it is set in the same universe but that has nothing to do with the film's terrifying and slime alien.

Do not forget that the Vatican loves criticizing movies and everything that comes out in theaters and television and has nothing to do with the Christian faith or to get out of the rules laid down by the Holy See.

Vatican did so in 1982 with another Ridley Scott film, "Blade Runner", the interpretation of what could be seen as a post-apocalyptic future, also captured the attention of the Vatican at the time. Closer is the fierce criticism he made on "The Da Vinci Code" directed by Ron Howard, or "Avatar" the blue characters directed by James Cameron.

We believe that soon the Holy See will add another film to its list of banned films, so if you happen to see the film, "Magic Mike", a dramatic comedy film director Steven Soderbergh about the world of male strippers, their parties, luxury, spectacular women, sexy dances and a group of men who use their extremely masculine body and lifestyle.

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