Serious disturbances in the MTV Beach Festival in Madrid

What looked to be a quiet Friday night celebrating the end of summer in Madrid, has ended up being a battle between a large group of people who wanted to enter the premises of MTV Beach Festival in Madrid and members of the police and security.

This is what happens when organizations claim that a festival is free, even to terminate the summer or for people to have fun about it for no reason.

But what reason is not the savagery that ended yesterday in the Friday night at the MTV Beach Festival in the "new beach" of Madrid by the river Manzanares, where in a short time, the capacity of the enclosure where was celebrating the musical event, eventually filled so quickly that at twelve o'clock many people stood outside the gates.

http://estaticos02.cache.el-mundo.net/elmundo/imagenes/2012/09/22/madrid/1348273059_extras_portadilla_0.gif They should not have to like to be left out of the party and the music that followed and began to push for more people were coming and began throwing bottles over the heads of people who had nothing to do with all that was occurring.

The savagery was rising when they started moving and burning trash bins around campus and on the streets of Madrid where they were also pulling bins and road signs, and other damage to furniture and cars that were parked in the area .

One witness said: "Some have raised the fences, others have jumped, there was much pushing and then the fighting".

After a few minutes, a group of dozens of riot police had to intervene to try to stop the riots. Due to the launch of bottles by dozens of young people, the agents had no choice but to respond with rubber bullets shots.

Until five in the morning could not control all these crowds of beasts that were spreading violence of their actions through some streets of Madrid.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-VTXKFEzwgiI/UF16PK44C5I/AAAAAAAAA5w/-qvsGHACzSw/s640/1348298020616Disturbios+detalledn.jpgSources have confirmed Emergency Madrid and Higher Police Headquarters, approximately a thousand people have been those who have finished doing that Friday night was a failure to organize the MTV Beach.

In short, all this brutal altercation has finished with 60 wounded treated by ambulance personnel and Civil Protection of which 20 were policemen. The injured have been mild or very mild, ten people, including two police officers, and had to be taken to various hospitals in Madrid for bruises, sprains, cuts of varying degrees and, in one case, by a asthma attack, according to a spokesman for Emergency materialized Madrid.

But the party goes on despite everything and tonight there will be more, we mean party.

Rasel act Saturday at 8 am, Lawson at 8:40, Auryn at 9.30, at 10.20 Georgina, Despistaos shall be operated at 11.20 h. and DJ Nano at 12:30 hours.

Sometimes music and alcohol are not good friends and less on festivals where some people such mindless, totally proud of being so badly want to pass it to those who want to have fun and ruin any event whatever the occasion.

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