Robbie Williams, a real guardian angel

The ex-Take That, Robbie Williams, has already prepared new album that will be released in November. His first single "Candy" is now on sale and you can see his video.

Not that it has become the overnight in an angel but the British singer Robbie Williams has released the video of the first single from her new job that will be released worldwide on 5 November.

In the video for "Candy", title of the first single, we can see a Robbie Williams who becomes guardian angel of a girl and that this angel is able to do anything to protect her.

http://www.josepvinaixa.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Robbie-Williams-Take-the-Crown-2012.pngSince people away, pushed and punched the girl the way so you can move smoothly, getting the occasional beating from others and even more suffer an accident, the angel Robbie suffers its own with such that the female is not absolutely nothing happens.

The single was written by Robbie Williams and himself an ex-partner group, Gary Barlow.

With what will be the ninth album of his career entitled "Take The Crown", Robbie Williams remains true to its style and becomes full of good humor, as seen in the video of the single, and wanting to have a good while all his followers while listening to your music. 

The expectant father speaks of this first single, "It's summer, is about a girl who thinks it's great. And maybe it is, but has a somewhat perverse ways. Some songs have long and other emerging fully formed from your lips and not have to think about them. do not know why this song came to my mind and my lips at that particular time, just came.". 

This is the complete list of 11 songs including "Take The Crown": 

1. "Be A Boy"
2. "Gospel
3. "Candy
4. "Different
5. "Shit On The Radio"
6. "All That I Want"
7. "Hunting For You"
8. "Into The Silence
9. "Hey Wow
 Yeah Yeah"
10. "Not Like The Others"
11. "Losers" (featuring Lissie)

While waiting for the new album comes out that the music critic, Dave Roberts, ensures that the disc is a Robbie Williams pop bold and confident, and you can see the video of the first single "Candy". 


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