Penelope Cruz denies the statements published in the Italian newspaper "La Stampa"

http://yucatan.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/cruz.jpgSpanish actress Penelope Cruz has had to come to pass remarks published in the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" which says in an interview that the actress wants to produce two films in Spain to work.

The anger of actress born in Alcobendas is monumental to have to make a statement to refute the statements she made to Italian newspaper in an interview.

As Penelope says, her words have been manipulated by the Italian newspaper publishing this Saturday and that has caused the social network Twitter, in addition to publishing that sentence, the mockery of users has reached unsuspected limits imagination doing work all of them as "work Penelope Cruz in AIDS vaccine in her spare" or "Hey Penelope Cruz is in a truck giving away pens and mirrors at spanish people. Run!".

http://www.hola.com/imagenes/cine/2012090860569/penelope-cruz-trabajo/0-214-514/penelope-cruz653--b.jpgThe comment that has aroused the laughter and jeers to the actress have been: "I want to bring work to my people. No to America, no to Britain. To Spain. From my privilege position. That's what interests me. I know it's a grain of sand in the desert, but it is a responsibility that I can not escape. I create the least a couple of movies every year. A way to provide jobs for hundreds of people.It is an obsession.".

Throughout the interview, which was published a full page of the newspaper, She was asked for her film work, the idea of whether the family would like to extend this time in Spain, the current social and economic situation especially in Spain and in Italy, international conflicts and her family.

In the statement the actress is concerned about the crisis in her country and for the future of Spanish cinema. Penelope says that she is in total disagreement with the policy of Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, and that has nothing to say about a comment that a deputy of the Partido Popular of Spain in a full of deputies. She comments further that "The crisis in our country is a serious issue and too serious to be left to be wrong or manipulate my words to make headlines frivolous". A subject that she has seemed particularly serious just the current situation of both countries.

Also you can see that on page interview phrases are not found in any of the answers that Penelope Cruz has told the Italian newspaper correspondent in London. As the actress is working to provide the country with difficulty and that she takes a long time thinking in Hollywood.

Penelope Cruz's intentions to help the people of Spain to end the crisis are obvious, but to say it's a long way and so far, it's hard to do as it is the situation in the Spanish culture . Who knows that in the near future she get make her wishes come true.

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