One Direction are defending the plagiarism of his song "Live While We're Young"

The guys from One Direction want to settle the issue of plagiarism in one of his songs due to the backlog of messages that have been sent by the social network Twitter accusing them of robbery with a song by The Clash.

Today the issue of plagiarism in the music world is the order of the day. Not a day that does not leave a notice saying that one of the singers or groups currently has plagiarized another song even for a short or simply like a sampler however brief it may be.

Now it is the turn of the boys of British-Irish band One Direction as through Twitter, a group of social network users has been accused of plagiarizing the classic quintet "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" punk band the Clash on his new single "Live While We're Young" and received a barrage of messages against them.

"One Direction has stolen the start of 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go', small waste", "I hope that One Direction has paid royalties (copyrights) to The Clash for the damn riff stolen 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go'", are some of the literary treasures they have dedicated to these guys for the issue of plagiarism.

In an interview with the BBC, the One Direction boys recognized that the similarity between the beginning of the two songs was intentional. "It was kind of on purpose though. It's a great riff (word or phrase repeated often), so...". 

Moreover Louis Tomlinson said it was inevitable that some composers write tracks or songs that sound the same: "I assume it must be quite difficult to do a unique riff now because there have been so many songs - surely there's only so many riffs you can pull out?". 

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_x6CGilkYLds/TGwL6ZFRRpI/AAAAAAAAABA/k1IPQ056z1U/s1600/the-clash1.jpgRemember that it was Justin Bieber who recently made ​​headlines in June by plagiarizing in this case one of the old songs of Michael Jackson. "Die In Your Arms" from his new album "Believe" has a rhythmical plagiarism of "We've got a good thing going" of the King of Pop.

One Direction were forced to post the video for her new single because it was leaked online before it came out date. The group also release a new album on 12 November, their second album, entitled "Take me home" and where we can listen to their new songs, plus the hypothetical plagiarism "Live While We're Young".

Whether or not plagiarism but nothing is for 2 seconds of song can only be judged by who heard the songs. Here you have two videos for you to judge for yourselves whether it is plagiarism or simply a short melody in the beginning of song.

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