Liam Gallagher expelled for altercations in Stadium Bernabeu

http://cache2.allpostersimages.com/p/LRG/27/2740/MGPND00Z/posters/liam-gallagher-at-manchester-city-v-portsmouth-match-maine-road-football-ground-august-1997.jpgBritish artist Liam Gallagher has again shown that not behave where he goes. This time in the Champions League football match played by the Manchestar City, his team and Real Madrid. His education value it as far from correct.

Almost everywhere sport and music go hand in hand as brothers, many singers have a passion to play football and sometimes ends up becoming a footballer singer improvised. Here music and sport have been absolutely ashamed by the behavior of someone who sings, sings or says, and also is Football Fan.

The ex-member of the band Oasis and now a member of Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher, has a fully uncontrolled passion and is born to be a football fan and specifically absolute fan of Manchester City as well as demonstrated last night at the party that played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, at the inauguration of the Champions League.

He arrived at the stadium like an angel had not melt in his life, sat in his seat and began to watch the game as if nothing happened, but it happened.

http://www.futbolprimera.es/files/o-gallagher-570.jpeg?1348045673At the time that Manchester City scored the first goal, a seemingly quiet Liam Gallagher started jumping like crazy on the seat and began to celebrate the goal so overly ecstatic for the rest of crowd watching the match.

But Liam's madness did not end. Believing that where you can behave like a chimpanzee in the jungle, and to rejoice in his team's goal "of his life", Gallagher started running the stairs of the stadium where he was up and down as if he a demon possessed. Such was the audacity that approached a security officer and kissed her.

Agents forgave the rude gesture he had with that agent. But a few minutes of winding the match stadium security could take no more rudeness singer and "invited" to leave the stadium before the end of the encounter.

Your indecently, very common in the singer, as he was expelled prompted, bystanders began shouting and booing.

Again Liam Gallagher has been known to offer better show off the stage than playing with his band at a concert.

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