Elvis Presley's underpants are unsuccessful

http://travesiaalsur.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Elvis-Presley.jpgIn the United Kingdom have been auctioned once again, personal belongings of the King of Rock, Elvis Presley. The fans were able to bid on the most precious object, by all but one of Elvis underpants. Underpants that he wore in a concert in 1977.

There are fans of all types of singers and there are fans of all types of objects. And that is what happened at the auction house that organized the auction, Omega Auctions, to organize an event to sell to the highest bidder personal objects of Elvis Presley.

From cards and postcards written and signed by the King of Rock and it was his wife, Priscilla Presley, twins belonging to him, a signed contract for the movie "Follow That Dream", besides being the title of a song by Elvis ; A glass dish salad for Baccarat. And so a long list of items of which two have attracted the attention of the burgeoning of Elvis fans and all people in general. A bible and used underpants.

http://www.activao.com/lic/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/FFDBDE83E653327167C4F67889727.jpgIn the Bible there is not much to say as it was a gift that Elvis Presley was in Christmas 1957 from his aunt and uncle Vester Clettes and was used by Presley until his death on August 16 1977.

What has been surprised it's its price. And is that the book had a starting price of 25,000 pounds ($40,380) but for some strange reason the book has come to reach a total of 59,000 pounds ($95,300).

Even the organizers of the auction were stunned by the final figure of the Bible. Through a statement explaining that when the Bible was presented at the auction "generated a real atmosphere of excitement in the room. Were 300 people present and over the Internet and telephone. Silence that was when it was sold by the amount, would have allowed hear a pin drop. There was a round of applause when the hammer fell, it was amazing.".

But the silence was even greater when they reported to auction Elvis Presley's underpants. An undergarment like any other and that have gone unnoticed if not for these shorts were worn by Elvis in his famous white suit in one of his last concerts in 1977, and also has two main characteristics and at least curious: are intact, unwashed, since 1977, and with a suspicious brown stain in the middle of the undergarment.

Still undergarment went to auction. And even though they came to deliver 5,000 pounds ($8,075), we must have courage to reach that price seeing the state of his underpants, no one came to 7,000 ($11,300) of the reserve price, so the pants were unclaimed.

Quite an event in the history of the famous auction items. By far it was the King of Rock, underwear, used and unwashed, better to have them properly cleaned, laid out to dry and stored in a cabinet by the end of time. Who knows if in a time that spot comes to have a higher price than you have come to offer.

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