Contestant of 540 pounds wheelchair revolutionizes the American version of X Factor

Freddie Combs, a guy in a wheelchair in Thursday night was presented to one of the auditions of American musical talent show, X Factor, left with their mouths open to the jury and stood up to the public of the program.

The X Factor program in the U.S., at least that day, was going unnoticed for both the public and the jury whose faces boredom and looked forward to returning to their homes, especially if we look at the face of one whose face has almost no expression if it is not something that really impacts, we refer to Simon Cowell. But this time he did change the look on his face.

Everybody waiting to come out the next contestant and one side of the stage appears a huge guy in a wheelchair pushed by a woman. The face of Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and LA Reid was a poem looking like they're thinking, "Is this a joke?". The face of the public was "wow" seeing who was on stage.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9Xg17YMtOJ8/UGXxas69ffI/AAAAAAAAMps/nUG2NvvpOLc/s1600/freddie+combs.jpgAs always, the jury behaved very good education at the beginning of the short interview with Freddie to see a little more of his life.

The Tennessee boy, 40, took the stage with the help of seven members of the team until his wife, with whom he has married 16 years, led him to the center stage. Her life has not been easy, since in 2009 he nearly died and had to be hospitalized to weigh over 880 pound! You read, a lot of pounds that nearly cost him his life, exactly 920 pounds. Currently Freddie has lost a lot of weight but still continues to weigh 540 pounds.

When the jury asked him what he was going to sing, Freddie said he was playing "Wind Beneath My Wings", a ballad written by Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar and, for the first time, sang British singer Roger Whittaker in his 1982 album titled like the song.

Wishing you luck, Freddie dedicated the song to his wife. Seconds later started playing the melody and there was absolute silence. His voice began to be heard and the faces of surprise the public and the jury was in total disbelief and amazement. No one could believe what they were hearing.

A loud voice grew on stage as the song went by and still managed to leave Freddie astonished all present, especially seen in Demi Lovato's face which could not stop smiling at what was happening.

Finished his performance, and how could it be otherwise, the audience erupted in jubilation program and standing began clapping and shouting for joy. The stage and set of the program fell apart with the amazing performance of Freddie.

The jury was not to be outdone, and praise for Freddie Combs were unanimous and each more positive. Even Simon Cowell was so surprised he even had the freedom to challenge him: "When I heard you sing, I had a vision of you, standing on stage, healthy, happy, and able you need is an inspiration, I do not think you deserve being stuck in a wheelchair, I really do not think so, then it's time that you work hard for it, I'll support you if you respaldas yourself.". Of course Freddie judges agreed and voted yes, joining also the challenge of Cowell.

Took the stage a huge guy physically but even more huge was his education, his desire to live, to sing and to enjoy everyone as he did with his voice. Now he has a challenge to overcome a second stage of the competition and outdo himself and overcome the trust the X Factor jury has put into it. A great example of overcoming. 

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