Brad Pitt, sad because "no more millionaires salaries in Hollywood"

http://www.laprensa.hn/var/laprensa_site/storage/images/media/fotogalerias/vivir/farandula/hollywood27/hollywood2/959330-1-esl-HN/Hollywood_480_311.jpgBrad Pitt talks, among other things, about the impact of the crisis on the cinema in Hollywood. And there seems to be very happy because, to some extent, complains that movie stars are not going to charge astronomical salaries they charged at the time by making a film.

The crisis affects almost everyone, especially those who have their feet on the earth and not live in the world of luxury. But it seems to be that in the Olympus of the gods of Hollywood's crisis is also starting to affect the film productions.

One of the players who like to talk about is the actor and film producer Brad Pitt.

In the presentation of the film "Killing Them Softly" Australian film director, Andrew Dominik, Brad Pitt confirms that Hollywood is no longer swimming in pools of dollars as it did during the 90's and 2000 and no longer has enough money to splurge on the salaries of the stars of the moment as a result of the global financial crisis, so the players will have to adapt to the current situation and two of those artists are Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie. 

http://static.elespectador.co/files/imagecache/560x373/images/201205/01307a58b7fd3e0f2596a58199851ed6.jpgBut every cloud has a silver lining, and Brad says that crisis is entering a period of opportunity for the industry in the United States and thus test the imagination and give chances to the proposed new directors and young filmmakers, lately, they are getting very good results and made ​​with a smaller budget. 

In the interview with the BBC, Brad Pitt answered the question of whether as a producer, take care of your savings and if you teach your children the value of money. As the husband of a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, the actor responded with his unforgettable smile: "Of course. One of the many things we try to do with our children is to prepare them for independent living and to respect the world and people".

The list was published in July and each year made ​​Forbes about the ten highest paid film actors, Brad Pitt joined the envious amount, at least for the humble mortals, 25 million dollars last year. The list was headed by Tom Cruise, with $ 75 million. Quantities that they will have to stop if they want to imagine being in the new Hollywood productions and new artists come to the illusion of appearing in a movie but that includes charge less money than expected.

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