Billie Joe of Green Day goes crazy at a iHeartRadio Music Festival

http://hiphop-n-more.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/iheartradio-festival.pngLately festivals are not having a very quiet organization, both by concert goers as by certain artists. This time it was the lead singer of the band Green Day, Billie Joe who proved his temper on stage.

City of Las Vegas, is organized iHeartRadio festival, an internet radio platform, which is celebrated on September 22 with a lineup of luxury. Level genuine singers like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Pink, No Doubt, Lil Wayne, among others, and fortunately or unfortunately, the Californian punk rock band Green Day.

The leader of the group Green Day, Billie Joe was completely thrilled that his group had been invited by the organizers of this festival. Those attending the concert started screaming and jumping excited about the band's music. They begin to play the song "Basket Case" from the album "Dookie", the most successful musical work until the group.

As with any concert of Green Day, Billie Joe is delivered at all times and insanity is apparent in every song, but no one expected that madness reaching the absolute limits when suddenly, Concert organizers teach a message to singer in one of the televisions warning: "1 minute".

http://cdn.sheknows.com/articles/2012/09/green-day-iheartradio.jpgSeeing the poster, Billie, forcing the musicians to stop playing and start your mouth drop their most peculiar insults, not to begin his monologue profanity that would follow, although a very characteristic word is repeated throughout and breadth of his speech.

Start your conference, but little culture quite guttural, and begins to move toward the organizers of the festival and how could it be otherwise, comes out the name of Justin Bieber after talking a little about the history of your band : "A minute? I only have a minute! Oh, come on ... we played from 198 fucked 8, we are not fucking Justin Bieber. Would I want to take just a minute? fucking kill me! fucking kill me". And so for a few more seconds. Its was one of the few phrases softer that Billie said during that time.

After moving to the side of the stage and the other as a soul by the devil, Billie Joe pulled the guitar he was playing and said, "Let me show you what I can do in a minute.". Without thinking twice he started stamping and shred guitar like a chimpanzee and a human imitated, bassist also did the same with its low destroying it against the stage speakers. All this in front of festival goers who started cheer but then their voices were silent seeing the singer was completely uncontrolled.

As a finishing touch to your show, Billie had the great delicacy of teaching and organizing the public at large, He shew his middle finger saying, "One minute!" and the group left the stage even while insulting words from his mouth.

But one thing that was very clear to everyone who saw the festival in person and on television, Green Day is not Justin Bieber.

In this video you can see clearly all that he did and said Billie Joe in those awful minutes of glory that are already in the history of music.


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