Begins International Film Festival of San Sebastian

http://www.periodistas-es.org/images/stories/Logos/Cine-SSebastian-60.jpgSan Sebastian again dressed up for such illustrious artists and film directors in the 60th edition of the International Film Festival where, as every year, will thrill curious, strange and jury generally with new films that come.

Lights, camera and red carpet for the film's biggest stars go over the top of teaching their smiles, waving right and left all who come to see, signing autographs and talking to the media that crowd to have the best picture and microphones pointing any word that they say.

And the first to have the privilege of opening the doors to ten days of movies, ratings, presentations and awards were Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere, both with a Premio Donostia (Donostia Awards) awarded in 1995 and 2007 respectively, which open presenting the Official at 9 pm, the film "Arbitrage" directed by Nicholas Jarecki and whose story is about a couple who has it all and live the American Dream XXI century but where lies, ambition and will make amorous family really is not as perfect as it seems.

Although prior to the presentation and have been seen walking around the city, every man for himself, and Susan Sarandon has not missed a visit to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Place of pilgrimage for almost everyone who comes to the Festival.

Others who are expected to pass through the red carpet of the Festival is the American director Barry Levinson, who presents the horror film "The Bay" about a deadly plague that infects people of Claridge with a variety mutant parasites able to take control of their minds.

The Spanish film, unsurprisingly, has a special role in this festival which will be presented, although it has in the Toronto Film Festival, "Lo imposible" (The Impossible) directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and starring Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor among others. Based on the true story of a family who lived in the first staff the Thailand tsunami in 2004 and has achieved huge praise for the film.

The Spanish "Blancanieves" (Snow White) by director Pablo Berger will try to repeat the criticisms obtained also in the Toronto Film Festival with his version set in the Spain of the 20s taurine, silent and black and white. Who also has black and white film is the direct Fernando Trueba in "El artista y la modelo" (The artist and the model), even though it is performed in French. And with the movie "El muerto y ser feliz" (The dead and be happy), the director Javier Rebollo becomes Jose Sacristan as a wandering gunman Argentina.

Special mention to one of the highlights of the International Film Festival of San Sebastian, leaving out La Concha de Oro y de Plata (the Golden Shell and Silver), which is the Premios Donostia this year will be really special because five great artists of film world will be recognized with this award for the next few days. They are: Ewan McGregor, princial starring in "The Impossible", Tommy Lee Jones, promoting his movie "Hope Springs", John Travolta, possibly land in Spain with his private plane, Oliver Stone, presenting his latest film "Savages" , and Dustin Hoffman in his directorial debut at age 75 with the film "Quartet".

A huge list of great artists, great directors, glamor in every corner of the city of San Sebastian, each more successful screenings and more colorful, laughter, smiles, tears and laughter, photos, autographs, and screaming fans desesperated to have close their movie idols. This is one of the most anticipated festivals of international cinema and is and will be the 60th edition of the International Film Festival of San Sebastian 2012.

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