Angelina Jolie in Iraq concludes her visit to Syrian refugees

http://www.vanitatis.com/cache/2009/07/23/88angelina-jolie-iraq.jpgAngelina Jolie has terminated the tour you have made for the different neighboring Syria to see in person what the situation of Syrian refugees who have fled the cruel war that is unfolding in Syria and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of displacements.
American actress Angelina Jolie as a goodwill ambassador for the High Commissioner of the United Nations, has spent the day with members of the Iraqi authorities to know what the status of refugees, how this camp is being organized to address humanitarian emergencies each of the men, women and children who are displaced from their home country.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) also points out that the actress was in Domiz camp in northern Iraq, where she also met with senior officials of the autonomous Kurdish government, including the prime minister and the head Interior Ministry, who have already had the experience of being refugees.

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/angelina-jolie-agradece-a-turquia-su-generosidad-con-los-refugiados-sirios/2012_9_13_VaoIOl7t6rBE6z2qxJxTN4.jpg?width=995&height=650&type=auto&id=lqCGcjzaxMnIIu06v7BxL2&time=1347561963&project=lainformacionAlthough countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan hosting refugees from the war in Syria, Iraq is a country with a double problem, because if that situation is retroactive because Syria, in the time that it was a peaceful land where they could live with some reassurance, was a host country for Iraqi refugees who fled as a result of the Gulf War, to the stage of the U.S. invasion and domestic violence in which the country was plunged later.

In case anyone wants to know how is the situation now, the latest data provided by UNHCR indicate that there are 77,165 Syrians in Jordan over 30,044 refugees waiting to do so, in Lebanon, 59,111 registered and 15,251 pending, in Iraq , 18,682 registered and 1,841 pending, and Turkey's 80,410 registered by the Government. We must add that some 31,000 Iraqis living in Syria have returned to Iraq since the start of this useless war in Syria.

http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/img/2012/09/Esp/Angelina_Jolie_Siria.JPGAngelina is not very convinced that the conflict in Syria is resolved as soon as possible and strongly calls for the borders of the countries bordering Syria remain open to innocent people and that has nothing to do with what is happening in that country can get out of the war situation and receive shelter, support, food and medical aid for them to forget, for a time, the circumstances that are happening.

The actress, during their stay in the area has also visited two refugee camps in southern Turkey, where she arrived after traveling to Jordan and Lebanon. 

In the Turkish capital, Ankara, Jolie said: "It seems that violence and the fighting will end soon. The number of people crossing borders to seek refuge in other countries continues to increase, it is a big problem for us all.". 

Angelina Jolie is one of the people who, along with her husband, actor Brad Pitt, spent years working with UNHCR for just causes in the world and make significant financial contributions for this and other causes. 

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